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Why Quality Literature Matters {+ a Giveaway}!

I am pretty picky about what I allow my children to read in the way of books. When it comes to Literature, I don't want my children reading twaddle -- watered down, fluffy titles that do not challenge them to think critically or creatively utilize their imagination. 

Furthermore, reading should offer a somewhat challenging angle, not just for their thinking, but also their vocabulary and problem solving skills. I cannot overestimate how much growth can occur from excellent quality literature. 

Not to mention, it is simply an enjoyable pastime for many!

Benefits of High Quality Books

Here are just a few benefits of selecting high quality literature for your children:

  1. To Develop Enthusiastic Readers. When your child reads (or is read to) a book with a rich plot and compelling characters, it draws them in and creates an appetite for wanting to read more. Rather than offering your child a nibble, offer them a feast. Children will feast on whatever it is you offer them. If it's twaddle, {books that lack rich language, developing plots, or interesting characters}, they will be deficit in strong vocabulary, imagination, and interest. 
  2. To Develop Language and Critical Thinking. Choosing high quality literature also helps children develop strong language skills, think critically, and increase reading rate. The more great books they read, the more they expand their vocabulary and understanding. As they read how problems are solved in these stories, they also learn how to problem solve in life. The more they read, they more they'll know.
  3. To Develop Deeper Relationships. When a parent chooses to read rich books to their child or children, it helps develop deeper relationships with all involved. Because all are reading together and if you take the time to have discussions, each person involved can learn from the others. You can learn some of the deepest thoughts of your children by reading books that draw out their interests. It also allows from problem-solving skills to surface in order to talk about them in more depth. 

Having a literature-rich childhood is something we will never regret giving our children. Great literature can offer us all a little break from reality and decompress us from the stress of life. In addition, literature can inspire us in many ways. Help us aspire to be more than we are or encourage to continue pursuing that which is hard, but oh so worth it.

Spring Sale to Help You Stock Up!

Tyndale Publishers is having an excellent Spring Sale on many of their Bibles, devotionals/gift books, memoirs and inspiration.. This is a great opportunity to stock up on some excellent selections for the whole family! 

Select titles to give for Easter and/or Mother's Day! (Cut off to order for Easter is March 23rd). The Spring sale goes through May, so be sure to take advantage of this while it's still good!


Tyndale is giving away a stack of books to one lucky reader! Titles include:

Easter Stories and Prayers (for your littlest one)

Women's Sanctuary Devotional Bible (for mom) 

Whit's End Mealtime Devotions (for your family)

C.S. Lewis - A Life, Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet (for your historical/studious types)

Adventures in Odyssey DVD set (for your kids) 


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