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Affirming My Husband In His Role As A Dad

My husband and I took our kids to dinner at a restaurant down the street from our house. It was late and we needed something convenient. Our son, who recently turned three, sat in the booth next to my husband. I sat across from them holding our daughter.

One big way to be a better mom is to affirm your husband as he becomes a better dad! Do you notice the gifts and grace he brings to your children's lives? Here are some great ideas to begin encouraging him today!

After we ordered our food, I could sense that our son was getting restless. My husband leaned over toward him and talked to him as they colored together. I couldn’t help but watch my husband engage with our son. I immediately felt love rush through my heart.

Then through dinner, our son progressively got more agitated, squirmy, and wasn’t listening very well. My patience was wearing down. Usually my husband’s patience would be wearing out too. But this night was different. He leaned over toward our son again and talked to him quietly. He assured him that we knew he was tired and that we would be going home soon, but that he first needed to finish his food. Then my husband took his fork and put a piece of food on it and said to our son,

“Whatever you do, if I fall asleep, don’t eat my food!”

Then slowly bobbing his head back and forth, he pretended to fall asleep. Our son looked my way, then back at dad with the biggest smile on his face. He leaned in and took the bite!

When my husband woke up, he made a fuss about his missing food, stirring up all kinds of chuckles from our boy. It was the brightest part of my day. In a moment that could have been exhausting and challenging, my husband was intentional to love and play. He affirmed our son and let him know that it was ok to be tired, but it was important to finish his meal.

I know I was glowing. Joy from knowing that my husband really cares about us filled up my whole heart. The evidence of his love, all the tiny little moments I get to witness each day is a blessing I don’t take lightly.

I didn’t want the moment to leave or fade away without acknowledging what it meant to me. So as we sat there, taking our last few bites and waiting for our check, I told my husband how I felt. I affirmed him for being a good dad, for having patience with our son, for playing with him instead of getting mad or frustrated with him. I affirmed his love for our family and I told him how thankful I am for him. I unveiled a piece of my heart to him, explaining why his response to our son touched my heart. I also added that our kids are blessed to have him as a dad!

He smiled a goofy smile and responded with a thank you. He didn’t see what he did as a big deal...but it was! To me it was a big deal. And I know to our son it was a big deal...a big blessing!

Sometimes we miss out on these little moments of blessing. We talk ourselves out of saying anything, or withhold out of bitterness. Yet, when we have the courage to speak up we let our husband's get to know us, while encouraging righteous behavior. This kind of conversing builds up intimacy, trust, understanding, and closeness.

As this season of thankfulness carries on, I challenge you and urge you to stop and savor the moments you are thankful for your husband. Thank God for him. And be sure to tell your man why you are thankful for him. Affirming your husband, especially in his role as a dad, is one of the most beautiful things you can do for him.

- Jennifer Smith

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