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3 Ways To Love A Growing Tween

3 Ways To Love A Growing Tween

Do you have a tween at home? If so, then you are all too familiar with the ups and downs of emotions and circumstances that can catch you off guard everyday! Maybe in the midst, we can learn to see the true beauty unfolding and love our tweens the way God loves us- we're learning how together on the blog today.

I am not exactly sure when it happened, but one day I woke up and realized that my oldest daughter and I were now standing eye to eye. I will admit that I realized it was bound to happen soon, being that I only stand right at five feet tall!

This new vantage point feels strange.  However, it is just the evidence of what I already knew to be true.

She is growing. 

With each new inch, I am reminded that growing involves adjustments, has it’s challenges and requires copious amounts of compassion.

She’s becoming taller, wiser and more mature. I love observing her, as her heart expands and wraps itself around the lives that surround her. She loves so well.

I get such pleasure from listening to her voice as it gains confidence. She’s seeking her Creator and becoming bold in His truth.

I love seeing her strength, watching her beauty and witnessing her development.

But can I be honest?

Parenting a growing tween involves a level of emotional and mental work that I am not always prepared to expend.

With my sweet girl—some weeks—some days are hard.

She’s growing and so am I.  

She is 11, and with that come a load of unexplainable emotional waves—highs and lows. Lots of laughs, intriguing conversations, tender moments and mood swings.

I am 35, and with that comes a load of unexplainable emotional waves—highs and lows, lots of laughs, intriguing conversations, tender moments and mood swings.

If I am not careful I find myself impatiently correcting her tone, abruptly disciplining her actions, and intolerantly hushing her words.

It becomes easy to miss the beauty that is actually happening.

After all, having a front row seat to what God is doing in her life is a gift.

I don’t want to miss it.

She needs correction, she needs encouragement and she needs grace.

Recently I have been reminded that so do I.

She is not alone.

I am grateful for a Father that looks me in the eye, calls my name personally and graciously holds my hand as He pulls me deeper into His love.

I am convinced that one of the most impactful things I can do while mothering my growing girl is to model what it looks like to be a growing woman.

When she looks me in the eye, I want her to see the love of Christ. When our weeks are hard and our days are long, I want her to feel the tug of His hand on her heart.

In the midst of changes and in the midst of challenges, I want to love her like He loves me.

These 3 Scriptures remind me of how Christ shows His love for us and how He expects me to show His love to her.

1. Offer Encouragement

God gives a hand to those down on their luck,

    gives a fresh start to those ready to quit.

Psalm 145:14 (MSG)

2. Discipline in Love

It’s the child he loves that God corrects;

    a father’s delight is behind all this.

Proverbs 3:12 (MSG)

3. Offer a chance for change.

On the other hand, if we admit our sins—make a clean breast of them—he won’t let us down; he’ll be true to himself. He’ll forgive our sins and purge us of all wrongdoing.

1 John 1:9 (MSG)

Parenting is a journey that ultimately leads us closer to the Father. 

Journeying Together,

Wynter Pitts, For Girls Like You

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