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A Reminder to End Well

We find ourselves closing yet another year, yet another chapter of our story.

I am not sure what 2014 brought for your family, or whether you are ready to release the last 365 days or whether you anticipate the days ahead.  Maybe time has flowed smoothly and great ideas, adventures, and memories were sought after and enjoyed.

On the other hand, because the human experience includes them, maybe your journey also included saying goodbye, loss of some kind, or moments you would rather forget.

It is true.  Tomorrow is fresh, and there is newness available each and every day.  We can begin again.

Before you and I completely close out 2014, I would like to encourage you with a simple reminder:

End Well.

This isn’t exact science, but I have often noticed how others may not always remember the beginning of your story, yet will almost always remember how you ended it.  Somehow, what we did or did not do in closure makes a difference.  Anyone agree?

Before you shift into the next season, the next year...consider if there is any particular area of life in which you wish to end well.  No, nothing magical happens January 1st and certainly nothing has to be done by midnight!  

But, is there a chapter of this past year’s story which deserves better closure?

Can you take the time to do the hard work of ending well...even if you would rather just shut the book?

I often marvel how Jesus carried on here in the earth an additional forty days after his resurrection.  Forty days.  Surely, the God-man had completed his mission, done the Father’s will, and was ready for a homecoming, true?  

He had already fulfilled his primary mission. Yet, he stayed on.

Doing things such as appearing to his followers, further instructing his disciples and leaving no room for argument about his resurrection from the dead.  In his final chapter on this planet, Christ concerned himself with ending well, with focusing on others and not just finishing his own story.

By grace, may we find strength to do the same.  Today, the last day of 2014, be encouraged to end well.  

Happy New Year...



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