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When Disappointment Derails Your Dreams

When Disappointment Derails Your Dreams

Sometimes life looks different than we'd dreamed. Our plans fall flat, our dreams deflate and we're convinced God has forgotten us, passed right over, completely skipping us.  We consider just giving up on God and any dreams we used to have because we are disappointed in life, disappointed in love, disappointed in God.

Let me share something honest with you mama. Life is hard and following God is hard and it'll cost you. Things will come, hard things, the ones that devastate or derail our dreams. And dreams won't always turn out exactly like we planned. But it doesn't mean we're supposed to stop dreaming!

Because...Your Dreams Count!

You have a magnificent destiny and a divine inheritance! I don't care who you are or what you've done, there is greatness in you. You were born for a purpose and on purpose! Your dreams count and you're on this planet to change the world.

You know the coolest thing of all? He knows absolutely everything about you--the good, the bad and the ugly--and He chose you anyway! He picks you. YOU!

Here's the truth of how He sees you and just a little of what He says about you:

  • You are His workmanship, His masterpiece, His poem, and work of art.
  • You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • Your life is worth more than many sparrows.
  • He has counted the hairs on your head! Has anyone else in your life ever done that for you? Oh how He loves you mama!

God hasn't disqualified you so stop disqualifying yourself!

A big part of our journey is learning to understand God's seasons. They come and go through our lives, some full of bright sunshine and life, bursting with color and fragrance and some dark and snow-covered where nothing grows and everything looks dead.  Those are the hard ones because we can’t see God working and we're convinced He's forgotten us. But the dark is where the seeds grow and the cold is what toughens the seeds so they can grow in the warmth.

We can't see the sun on a cloudy day but it's there just the same, shining and warm, high above the clouds. You may not be able to see God working in your life right now but I promise you, He is. He's there and He's in your future, getting things prepared, lining things up, clearing the path.

I wish you were standing right in front of me mama. I'd take you by the shoulders, look you in the eyes and remind you of this:

  • How much God loves you
  • He will never abandon you
  • Whatever hurt He’s allowed does not determine your destiny but will help you to grow and be strong.
  • You are so precious to Him and  your dreams and heartaches matter.
  • Before you were born He wrote every one of your days in His book. Every one.

Don't you dare think you aren't precious to Him and a crucial part of His plan! You're here, like all of us, for a reason. You're unique and amazing and there's something you're supposed to do. Something only you can do.

Believe in your future mama. Take God at His word and trust He has a plan and a purpose for you. Thank Him, even for the darkness and know He is with you. While you’re in the dark, take the time to really get to know Him. How? Through prayer and worship and reading His word. Now, before the season changes. As you walk in trust and spend time in His presence, I guarantee you will find He will be better than every dream you ever had.

How can I pray for you? 

Kate Battistelli

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