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Can I convince you that our teens need you?

I have something I want to share with you that I think could potentially change your perspective, and more importantly, change our world. Of course, I'm no expert nor do I have a "special" degree validating what I am going to say. I'm simply an ordinary, saved by grace woman who sees a need that is not going away.

Our teens want us to answer their real questions with more authenticity than they’ll ever find on Google or Facebook. {click to tweet}

They truly want to know what we  -- their moms and mentors -- think and especially about how our experiences shaped our beliefs.

Our teens want us to answer their real questions...How do I know?  Because for the last 17 years, I've lived at a Christian boarding and day school with teens from around the world and have witnessed their constant, growing desire to hear from the adults in their midst. But don't misunderstand me. They aren't walking around with signs on their chests saying, "Come tell me how to live."  Oh no. They are average teenagers engaging in cultural curiosities, distracted by the temptations of this world, and sometimes finding themselves crumbling under the pressure.

These teens in my world are like the teens in your world who need you to step out of your comfort zone and step into their lives.

I’m convinced this is what the Lord wants from us, because the questions sitting in a box on my desk continues to grow and grow. Last month, I spent an evening with a group of 20 girls, and received 17 questions scribbled on index cards -- this is the most I’ve ever received in one ETC Mentoring gathering.  Questions like…

  1. How do you mentally recover from the regret of doing things with a guy you thought you loved, but he didn't love you?
  2. How do you talk to a friend who you know is following the wrong path?
  3. Is dating a sin?
  4. What do you do if you are afraid to love someone because of being hurt in the past?
  5. During the time when everything turns bad, how do you adjust your emotions and thoughts?

If these 20 girls represent a smattering of teens nationwide, imagine how many questions this generation is longing to have answered!

What questions might your teens have?Do we really want our teens going to their peers or online to find their answers?

I know you may not feel qualified to answer their questions, but God will equip you. I have to remember that truth every time I host an ETC Gathering. When I sat down with those 20 girls, I was trembling inside, even after doing this for years! I begged God for Him to soften their hearts and breathe life into their souls.  Even though I had the "Give Me Love" Topic & Truth resource ready to share, the Lord prompted me to start in a different direction.

“Well, girls, do you know why I’m here tonight? Do you know why I do ETC?”

You can imagine the crossed arms and darting eyes, as I went on to explain how it all began, asking,

“Would you like to hear my story about how I got to this place and why it means so much to me to be able to encourage you?”

I spent the next 25 minutes sharing about my childhood, coming to know Jesus as my Savior in college (along with the foolish decisions I made along the way), and how God’s amazing grace has marked my life. As I wrapped up my story, I reminded them to ask their questions on index cards, but wasn't at all prepared for the number that came my way.

God reminded me that because I was willing to share my story with them (without the gory details, mind you), they were able to trust me with their hearts.

God opened the door to share with them something way more important — how His Truth matters in their life story.

This isn't a door only opened for me. It is one God is waiting to open for you, too.

I know you’ll be stunned at how God will work in you and through you, whether He brings into your world 2 girls or 200.

Come on over to and I’ll give you the resources to start a mentoring group, so that you may impact the next generation for His glory.



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