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Utilizing FaceTime To Strengthen Your Family


My son loves to play out on the front porch. Whenever we exit the big wooden door leading outside, he runs as fast as his little legs can carry him, halting as soon as he reaches the hose.

This particular day was uniquely beautiful.  The weather was cool and breezy.  The colors in the sky and the gold tone from the sunset reflecting off of the neighborhood made everything sparkle.

My son stood with the hose in his hands begging with his big blue eyes for just a little fun with the water.  I didn’t hesitate to turn the old metal nozzle, repeating to myself to remind myself, “righty-tighty, lefty-loosy.” As water began to trickle out of the hose, my son looked up with the biggest smile on his face.

I love witnessing my son discover and experience new things.  I am amazed as I watch him enjoy some of the most simple things in life.  I value that I get to be home with him as his mind is growing and learning. I am privileged to be his mom!

My son’s smile contagiously reflected from my face, as more and more joy was poured out upon the porch. For a second I thought to myself,

I wish his dad could see him now!

Then I remembered I had my phone near me, so I quickly pressed call to FaceTime with him. My husband answered with a huge smile on his face, surprised by our call and blessed to be a part of the fun, even if it was only virtually.

As my husband sat in traffic on his way home from work, he had the opportunity to see what I saw, our boy laughing and playing and growing...moments that pass by all too quickly.

I am thankful for the technology we have access to and how we can utilize it to connect and strengthen our family.  My husband felt honored to be thought of in that moment, affirmed that he too had the opportunity to take part in family fun, especially when he normally couldn’t because of his work schedule.

Something so small can be so significant!

I want to encourage you today to take advantage of the opportunities you have to strengthen your family through FaceTime or other technologies. If your spouse is unable to FaceTime, send a quick photo or video detailing the event through a text or email!  I am sure your thoughtfulness will bless your spouse while connecting your family!

- Jennifer Smith

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