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8 Reasons Why I Love Having All These Kids

8 Reasons Why I Love Having All These Kids
8 Reasons Why I Love Having All These Kids

I guess I might as well come out with it.

I’m the mother of 8 children. And I love it.

This often surprises people when they learn that I have all these kids. They'll say things like, “But you don’t look like a mother of 8 children!” And then, occasionally,“Do you actually like having so many kids?”

I’m never sure how to answer that first one (Thank you...I think?).

The answer to the second is easier, Yes, I do.  I love it! Which some people seem to find interesting.

But here are a few good reasons why I love having all these kids.....

1.   I love the joy they bring. How their sweet faces look up at me with so much love.  The hugs. The laughter. The fellowship of family.

2.   I love all that I learn from them. They remind me to stop and wonder. They ask good questions and challenge me to think.They reveal areas in my life that I - apparently - need to work on. Ouch.

3.   I love how they have built-in friendships. If you're bored or lonely, there's always a buddy nearby. Someone to help with the work or someone to play a game. Someone to talk to or someone to snuggle.

4.  I love how much fun they are! Let’s face it, there’s nearly always a party going on around here. The little boys wake up ready and raring to go and the older girls look forward to the late-night thing. Yawn.

5.   I love that I still have a young ones at home. Even if their older siblings have left home to pursue their own calling (Why do they grow up and go off on their own anyway...??).

6.   I love watching the older ones care for the young ones. How the teenagers get the opportunity to be selfless and put aside their own plans. The chance for them to look after the interests of these little guys---and their reward of smiles and sticky kisses.

7.   I love how the little ones look up to their older siblings. For instance, our oldest son is something of a celebrity - a basic rock-star -  to our young boys whenever he comes back from college. Thankfully, he walks with God. Could be worse, I figure.

8.   I love how they can reach the world. In ways that I can’t. Children seem to have this ability to soften even the hardest of hearts. There's something about young people that breaks through the toughest barriers. They're a bright light in a darkening world.


*Sorry, our eldest is missing - he's away at college. So Jesse, the dog, kindly offered to pose in his stead. Oh, and the children really do own shoes. Now if only they'd wear them....

So however many children you have - whether one, four, eight, or twelve - they are a gift from God, aren't they? Children are truly a blessing.

I'd enjoy hearing those things you love about being a mom to your children too! Share?

In His grace,

Lisa Jacobson, Club31Women

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