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Mom, You are Contagious !

Mom, You are Contagious!
Mom, You are Contagious!

It's cold and flu season. Ick. As soon as my kids get that green snot or runny nose or start coughing and sneezing, I do whatever I can to make sure I don't get it. The Lysol comes out. I wash my hands seventy-six times a day. I don't want to get sick, and I don't want to pass it on to others. Yet the truth is that I usually end up with whatever they got. I usually end up contagious.

But, being contagious has more to do than a physical sickness. According to, one of the definitions is: con·ta·gious adj.: Spreading or tending to spread from one to another; infectious

When was the last time you were grumpy and soon everyone in the house was too? What about the time that you started complaining about dinner? I bet not one person touched what was on his/her plate after that.

Then there was one night three weeks ago when I was in a great mood, and I was smiling and laughing at everything. Pretty soon I looked around to a sea of smiling faces. Experimenting, I laughed again, and I noticed my family members did, too. My joy was infectious, and no one seemed to mind.

Moms, there are a few other things in our homes that are infectious, too:

Our love for God. Our belief that He has good plans for us. Our faith. Our trust in prayer. Our compassion for others. Our hospitality. Our transparency. Our self-control. Our submission and relinquishment to God's way.

You are the most contagious person in your child's life. Your child may learn a singer's lyrics. He may wear a ballplayer's shoes. She may try to dress like that magazine model, but your children will catch how to live, how to love, how to serve, because you've rubbed off on them.

What type of person do you want your kids to be? Be that type of person today, and your children will catch on. They find you infectious whether your believe it or not . . . and hopefully some day they'll sneeze this infectious love for God and others all over their own family, too.


Tricia Goyer,

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