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The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle - Available One Last Time

This weekend is perhaps THE weekend of the year for deals and bargains. We didn't want to be out of the loop, so for the last time we're offering the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.  If you were afraid you missed it, you have one last chance to scoop it up!

Available Friday, November 26 at 8:00am-Monday December 2 at 11:59.  {EST} *during this time 25% of your purchase will go toward charitable organizations - in the spirit of the season!

You'll get:

Have you thought of this as a great potential Christmas gift?  It is, in more ways than one!

  • Does your husband know what you want this year?  How about the healthy living bundle?  He can shop for you right from his computer {or phone!}
  • Do you have friends or sisters who could use some encouragement?  What a great way to start their journey toward healthy living!   The bundle can be divided and different ebooks/offers can be gifted to different friends.
  • What about going in on the bundle with a friend?  If you've each had your eyes on different ebooks, this might be a great way to each get the books or offers you're interested in.

{because some of the bonuses in the bundle are time sensitive, you might want to consider giving it as an early Christmas present, or redeeming bonuses on your giftee's behalf so she doesn't miss out by waiting until Christmas.}

You also have the option of adding additional bundles to your cart at %50 off!

For more information on this bundle, read the fine print or look at the FAQ page.

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