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Famous Moms From the Bible

famous moms from the bible; mothers from the bibleIn my quest to learn more about biblical motherhood I decided to do a short study on a few of the well known mothers in the Bible.  There are lots of examples of moms in Scripture and we can learn a lot from their virtue or mistakes.

There is not doubt in my mind that women and mothers in particular played a very important role in history.  And despite some of their difficulties or failures God still chose to use them in a powerful way.

Here is part 1 with four famous moms that we can learn from:

Eve Even the name Eve holds a special significance, “mother of all living”.  Eve was the very first wife and mother and through her God birthed the nations and ultimately Jesus.  Though Eve was a very significant mother unfortunately  we look back at her with sadness.  Eve is an example of the impact a wife and mother can have on her family.  She was deceived and disobeyed the Lord by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Though he certainly made his own choice Eve’s sinful influence played a part in Adam’s choice to also disobey, plunging the whole human race into sin and death. (Geneses 3)

Takeaway Lesson:  We need to study carefully what the Lord commands so we are not deceived.  We need to realize that our sins not only impacts us but also those around us.  A mother's example is a huge influence in the lives of our family we need to take that seriously.

Sarah Abraham's wife, Sarah, was the mother of the nation of Israel.  Her name means “princess”.  God promised Abraham that he would have a child who’s seed would be greater than the number of stars in the sky and through this family all the world would be blessed (this was a promise of Jesus).  Sarah was barren and getting very old in age.  She chose not to trust God to give her a child and told Abraham to take her servant as a surrogate mother.  Abraham did so and Ishmael, the child that was born, grew to be the father of all of the Islamic nations who war against Israel even to this day.  Despite Abraham and Sarah’s indiscretion God kept His Word and gave Sarah a son named Isaac even though her age was past 90.  Through this line our Savior was born.  (Geneses 16)

Takeaway Lesson:  Mothers need to set the example of faith and trust the Lord to keep His promises.  Our lack of faith always has consequences.  Thankfully God is gracious to us even when we fail Him He keeps His Word.

Jocabed Jocabed who's name means "Yahweh is glory" was the mother of Moses.  During the time she gave birth the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt.  When Moses was born the King decided the Israelite people were growing to large so he made a decree that all baby boys born to Israelites would be killed.  Jocabed and her daughter Mariam hid the baby in a basket to save His life.  An Egyptian princess found Him and took him as her own.  Jocabed was asked to nurse and care for the child for the Princess for a few years.  (Exodus 1&2)

Takeaway Lesson:  Jocabed showed amazing courage and love for her child.  I also think there should be credit given to her for the way she taught her son while he was in her care.  Moses, though he was taken to live among Egyptians and probably taught much about their religion, still was loyal to the Lord.  Jocabed is a great example of how we should diligently teach our children about the Lord.

Hannah Hannah was the wife of Elkanah.  Her name means "God has favored me".  She was treated poorly by Elkanah’s other wife because she was unable to have children, something extremely important to women of that day.  Hannah went to the Temple and prayed fervently that the Lord would give her a son.  She promised that if the Lord gave her a child she would give him back to the Lord.  God heard her prayers and blessed her with a son named Samuel.  True to her word after Samual had finished nursing she took him back to the Temple to serve the Lord by serving the high priest.  Samuel went on to serve the Lord all the days of His life becoming a great prophet of the God.  (1 Samuel 1)

Takeaway Lesson:  A praying mother is a powerful thing.  She can be used to change a child’s life in a mighty way.  This mother’s prayers were used to direct Samuel who went on to anoint and counsel kings and be a mouth piece for God.

I love hearing the stories of our mother’s of the faith.  There is so much we can learn from their examples.  In the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting part 2 with more stories of biblical moms.

Who is your favorite mother from the Bible and why?

Blessings, Ashley

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