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5 Facts My Daughter Really Needs to Know

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So I guess I'll begin with a confession.

I thought it would be enough for our girls to simply grow up in a Christian family.

I thought it would take care of everything. That they'd grow up secure and unafraid having been raised in a home where they are loved so dearly. A home where we pray, read the Bible, and are part of a church body. Each one of them holding a special place in our hearts.

I thought it would be enough.

Yet I've come to realize that our girls need more than that to flourish and walk confidently. They need to hear certain things from me and they need to hear it repeatedly and in many different ways. There are just some things she really needs to know.

5 Facts My Daughter Really Needs to Know

She is beautiful. And I'm not talking merely about the "outward appearance" but that this girl is beautiful in every way. She must be convinced that she is a lovely person who does lovely things. It's important - even critical - that she feels beautiful.

She is precious. She has to understand that she is highly valued. So she can hold her head up high and not look to others - especially the wrong others - for her esteem. She is a precious jewel who needs to know she's treasured.

She is delightful. Exactly the way she is. Today and every day. She doesn't need to change or try to be like anyone else. She needs to know that I delight in her unique gifting, her funny ways, and her sweet smile.

She is protected. No need to feel like she's on her own. Because she isn't.  She has loving parents who are serious about looking out for her. Safe and secure. We'll do all we can to protect her from harm.

She is loved. Seems obvious, doesn't it? Yes, I thought so too. But we can't take it for granted that she believes this and feels it right down to the tip of her toes. I have to tell her and to show her and to lavish her with my love.

As sad as it is, we live in a world that is constantly informing our young girls that they are not pretty enough, not thin enough and not good enough.  These are lies. So I want each of our girls to know the truth about herself.

She is beautiful, precious, delightful, protected and loved.

And those, my dear girl, are the absolute facts.

In His grace,

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