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Balancing Blogging and Social Media as a Business and Ministry

CaptureWhen the Lord first laid blogging on my heart I felt challenged to get up and blog well for Jesus each morning.

I didn't know exactly where the Lord was leading me. I just knew I kept hearing Him whisper this crazy encouragement to blog. The daily writing was good for me. I felt the Lord reaching down into my soul and purging me, refining, and healing. It was like daily dusting out the corners of my heart.

Fast forward two years, which in blogging years is a life time, and my little morning time blogging therapy has become a full-time business that is full of details, deadlines, commitments, and demands. I still get up and blog for Jesus each morning; and most days I absolutely feel smack dab in the middle of God's will and purpose.  However in full disclosure I have days where I feel that the email alone will swallow me whole. I have found that my "help me, Jesus" prayers can also apply in blogging.

Blogging is an art form. Like any craft it pulls your creativity and demands attention. It can and will suck you dry.

Any ministry is the same way.

You have to attempt to keep yourself filled up and ready to pour out. I understand this can be easier said than done. I live the life of constantly working on the delicate balance between the two worlds. Here are a few truths that have helped me during my time online.

5 Helps for Balancing Blogging and Social Media as a Business and  Ministry

Pray over your online space. The internet is no surprise to God. Your vision for working online in whatever capacity is no surprise to God. Ask Him to direct your online efforts. You want Him right in the middle of it with you. You can't do this well without Him.

I pray often for the Lord to use all this blogging and social media for His glory. I pray over my readers and social media channels. I also pray for Jesus to open doors that no man can open, and close doors that no man can shut. Ask Him to put you where He needs your voice.

Have your husband's support. I would not be able to work online if my husband didn't support my business and vision. Don't work online if your husband isn't supportive. It's not worth the strife and stress in your marriage. If your husband isn't on board than this might not be the season for your online work. Your husband needs to have peace with where the Lord is directing you.

Write down your vision. We're told in the Word (Habakkuk 2:2) to write down the vision and make it plain. I try to apply this principle to many areas of my life. I have a list of my goals and I'm bold enough to ask for the Lord's blessing.

Write down all of your hopes and dreams. Those big tenacious goals that make your head go tilt. If that's where your heart is pointing, then write it down. I look back at my blogging and business goal list from 2012 and I've accomplished many of the goals that I had written down. There's power in writing the vision. There's power in keeping the vision before you.

Prune your schedule and blogging commitments. It's also good to recheck your vision. What is your vision with blogging? Look at your commitments and projects and ask yourself which efforts point you to your end goal? Do you want to write a book, build a platform, build an orphanage, or all of the above? What are you doing now that will get you to where you want to be? Prune any area where you do not have peace. Also prune any aspect that doesn't line up with your vision.

Get Help. Hire help as soon as you're able. Whether that means you have someone schedule certain parts of your social media, post editing and scheduling, or email assistance. I've had busy seasons where having someone preschedule my social media has been a huge weight off of me and given me room to breath.

You can also get help for around your home. I've heard my friend Crystal speak at conferences about the importance of hiring help for in your home, even if it's a teenager from church to come over and fold laundry one afternoon each week. When you're managing home, husband, children, blogging/social media business, having your laundry folded is a huge help!

These are just a few pointers in managing online business.  What tips and tricks do you have for managing your online business efforts? Many moms are looking for helps. Share your thoughts below!



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