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A Rowboat in a Field of Grass

We were driving through southern Utah recently, taking grand-babies to see grandparents. If you've never been to Utah, the landscape is amazing. Breathtaking mountains, awe-inspiring canyons, green fields of farmland and quaint towns nestled in foothills.

As we were driving past one such quaint town, we passed a huge field of grass. Huge. Vast, expansive, can't-see-the-whole-thing-in-one-glance huge. Sitting towards the front edge of this field of grass was a rowboat.

Yes, a rowboat.

Photo by Deibel Photography

A clean, well-maintained row boat. There was a puddle here or there throughout the field but no other body of water that the eye could see. And it made me think...

I have gone through some very difficult times when I've felt like a rowboat sitting in the middle of a field of grass. You see, I have a very clear purpose; specific skills, talents and gifts with which I'm equipped. There are a few things at which I excel; things that when I do them, it seems to me and those around me that I was created to do those very things.

Yet at times the circumstances in which my life is unfolding offer no place or opportunity to do these things for which I was created; no avenue or outlet to use the gifts and talents I have been given.

I lack purpose. I lack direction. I feel just about as useful as...a rowboat in a field of grass.

Have you ever been there? Surrounded by circumstances that not only lack opportunities to use your gifts, but seem to hinder the use of them?

Can I just encourage you with one thought?

Someone put that rowboat in that field for a reason. The boat had been maintained and was ready for use. Puddles scattered about the field indicate there must be a propensity for flooding; and when the flood waters rise, someone is going to need that boat.

If you look around and find yourself smack in the middle of a field of grass today, feeling useless and misplaced, can I encourage you not to give up? Keep honing those skills and giftings. Feed those passions that nurture your soul.

Because one day soon, mama, the flood waters are going to rise and the only one that can help will be you. You've been placed in your field for a reason, and no one can replace the gifts you bring to the table.

So wait well, friend. Don't let the grasses around you sting and cut. Instead, wait in hope, knowing you have a purpose, you are valuable to your family (community, work place, church, mom's group, etc) and be ready for the day when the only one that can fill the void is you.



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