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Bible Moms: Life Lessons From Mothers in the Bible

Bible Moms is a book with twelve Bible studies probing the heart of God on what it means to be the kind of mother He calls us to be. It's about examining our hearts, confronting our sin, finding the truth of scripture and applying it.

I love to read the Word and I love to apply the stories and the words to my own life.  As a mom I need so much direction, everywhere I turn there are books, blogs, well meaning relatives and tv telling me how to be the best mom I can be.  Sometimes it can be SO overwhelming and so many times I feel like there is too much noise out there and I'm listening to too many voices.  Lately God has been putting it on my heart to close them all out and just listen to HIM!

HIS Words, His Voice, All Him!

The book Bible Moms: Life Lessons From Mothers in the Bible came at just the right time.  It is a book that helps you go to  The Word for the answers in your parenting.  Each lessons starts with a name of a mother in the Bible.  The chapter then goes on to give scripture passages for you to read and the topics it will cover.

Topics such as:

Waiting on the Lord


When Children Fall Away

The Christian Lifestyle

and many more!

The chapter then goes on to give a devotional about the scriptures and how it applies to your life today as a mom.  There is a topic for further study that helps you dive more into the scriptures and answer questions for your own personal life.  This could even stand as a personal journal.  This was my favorite part because the questions really made me reflect on my parenting and being a wife. Sometimes my own answers were hard to hear and other times I felt strong in areas.

Each lesson ends with a prayer!

Bible Moms offers mothers the chance to see and apply the principles for motherhood that God has given in His Word. It provides material for discussions on practical ways to apply these truths to our own lives.

You can buy the book on Amazon for 13.95.  This would be the perfect baby shower gift for a new mom, and ANY mom in your life.

I have been parenting 14 years now and this book really blessed me!

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