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Walking With Your Husband

walk-with-your-husbandMy husband and I love to walk side by side and talk about our marriage. Our favorite time of day to go for walks is during the evening when the sun has a warm glow. We seem to go on walks more regularly since our son has been born, and sharing something we have always loved to do with him makes it even better.

Going on a walk with your spouse has the potential to inspire new goals, put you and your husband on the same page and reconcile issues you have been dealing with. Going on walks may spark the conversation to cover topics you may have never talked about before or it can be a time of bonding where talking does not take place at all. You just do.

You just walk side by side, an outward expression of your friendship and love.

Walking with your husband also encourages health and wellness. Walking gets your heart rate up, it burns calories, being in the sunshine will give you vitamin D, and walking has been proven to reduce stress. Walking is good for your body. Walking with your husband will motivate both of you to do it regularly.

I always love how every walk my husband and I take is different... even if it is the same road, with the same turns, and the same view. The weather changes, the colors around us change, the clouds in the sky always paint new pictures, the aroma depends on who in the neighborhood decided to cook and our conversations change. The new experiences we encounter together on our walks encourages and benefits our marriage and I am confident that going on a walk with your husband will bless your marriage too!

Don’t hesitate and don’t delay!  Go for a walk with your husband today!

- Jennifer Smith

photo credit: @unveiledwife

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