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Organizing Your Life as a Mom {taking your J-O-B seriously}

Organizing Life as Mom "Motherhood and effective home management are not just about keeping track of appointments and special events. They call us to have a vision for who we want to be as moms and what kind of adventure we’re going to have with our children.

So, where are YOU going?"

I LOVE this quote from Organizing Life as Mom. I think one of the most life-changing times for me as a mom, was when I realized that I wasn't "just a mom". I had a purpose and mission to fulfill and pursue for God. Sometimes as a stay at home we can feel invisible, or almost as if our job isn't REALLY a job. But there is nothing further from the truth. A mom who embraces the calling God has placed on her life to lead and love her children will flourish in life. 

As a homemaker we must take our J-O-B seriously. When I worked outside of the home I had oodles of training to do for my job. And sometimes I wonder why I don't put the time into the training needed for my job my home. Managing a home and raising a family isn't easy. I believe we are each responsible to continually learn how to be the best mom and homemaker we can be. Doing everything in God's strength and for His glory, we can use the tools available to us to flourish.

Another one of my favorite books from the homemaking bundle is Organizing Life as Mom (doesn't that sound like music to your ears?). Should organizing and mom even be in the same sentence?! :)  But seriously this is a fantastic book. Here is a list of the chapters. Getting My Act Together , Goals, Hopes, and Dreams , Get Your Household Notebook On, Calendars, Meal Planning, Household Chores, Family Fun & Other Notes, Keeping in Touch, Money Matters, Holidays, Can You Do It All? Each chapter has worksheets and printables to help you get organized! My favorite is the how-to chapter on putting together a Household Notebook!

Organizing Life as Mom by Jessica @ Life as Mom is $9.00, but you can get it for $0.31, along with an entire homemaking library for $29.97 this week only. (read more below)

Friends I want to encourage you. Being a mom isn’t about your place in life right now, it is about your purpose in life. God has blessed you, entrusted you, and promised to empower you by His grace to live out this mission of motherhood. Be strong and courageous! Embrace the path God has set before you!




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