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7 Tips to Help Moms Survive Hard Days

7 Tips to Help Moms Survive Hard Days As moms, it's so easy to suddenly feel weighted down by the pressures of motherhood.  It can happen fast, and some days, we can find ourselves feeling down, and wondering how we are going to keep going.

I've been a mother for almost 16 years now, and time and experience have taught me that there are a few key things to remember on those hard days.

1. Remember that this is temporary.

These days are fleeting.  This level of stress you're feeling won't last forever.  Don't get stuck on today.  The piles won't always be this tall.  Joy does come in the morning.

2. Get some rest.

As the tone-setters in our homes, rest is crucial to our emotional and physical well-being.  How many times have you found yourself an emotional mess because you're really just sleep-deprived?  If you're a mom with lots of little ones, the only practical solution is to do your best and sleep when you can.  I'm preaching to the choir here, as our eighth son has yet to consistently sleep through the night, but I know well that I'm a better mother when I'm rested.

3. Look up and out.

It's so easy to fixate on our families, and our day-in, day-out routines.  So often, as mothers, we just need to move our eyes physically to the outside world (thus shifting our perspective to the bigger picture).  Simply going outside with your kids, taking a walk after dinner, or changing the scenery by taking a little post-nap trip to the park can do wonders for a mother's soul.  We're all part of a bigger picture, and Creator God has each detail precisely mapped out as He fits us into His master plan.  Knowing that helps us embrace our piece of the puzzle.

4. Keep a friend or two.

Motherhood is hard enough without having a good friend whom you can turn to for encouragement and support.  Don't have time to meet for coffee?  Then meet for a playdate at the park.  But keep your close friends;  they love you more than you think.

5. Ask for help when you need it.

Sometimes we really just can't do it all.  When you can't, realize that you're normal, you're only one person, and enlist the help of trustworthy friends and family members to help watch kids, to help with housework or laundry, or help getting your kids to and from school and activities.

6. Take care of you.

Isn't it amazing how a shower and fresh set of clothes can make you feel re-set?  If you want to feel more ready for your day, dress the part - as if you're "going in" to work.  Some people say putting on shoes changes their mindset.  As if you're  on a mission (and you are), dress for the work you plan to do for that day.  Nothing makes my face shine brighter than when one of my little boys says to me, "Mommy!  You're wearing a spin (dress)?"  And for some reason, the way their eyes dance when they say this makes my heart beam a little brighter.

And don't forget to fuel your body for the work you do each day.  So many times when I've noticed my own grumpiness, I realize that I'm really hungry.  Once I've nourished my body, I'm recharged mentally, too, which ultimately makes me a better mom.  The easiest way to make sure I eat is to eat when I feed my children.  No, I don't always want I'm serving them, but I have found that if I just eat something, I feel much better in general.

7. Keep things in perspective.

Yes, remember this is temporary, and these kiddos will be grown before you know it.  My baby will be getting his driver license very soon, and I'm left wondering where the time has gone.

Remember the significance and the importance of your work.  Lean into Him;  let Him renew your mind daily.  This is noble, sacred work, the raising of children into oaks of righteousness.  What you're doing counts.  Your work matters.  Raising children for the Lord - there's no more important work in the world.

 What helps you on hard days?





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