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In the Place Where Duty Becomes Delight {loving God's word}

Bible Time!When you think about reading your Bible what first comes to your mind? Is it duty? Guilt? Perhaps a feeling of being under the pile? Or is it delight? Refreshment? Perspective? Truth? For many of you, it probably depends on the day. If you’re like me, it’s probably a little bit of both. Did you know that King David* referred to it as more desirable than the finest gold and sweeter than honey and the drippings of the honeycomb? It’s true. Honey was the sweetest thing he could think of in his culture and that’s how he felt about God’s Word. It would be like a piece of the richest, most indulgent dessert you can think of. That is how he felt about God’s words.

My hope is that you and I would do the same. That you would contemplate your approach to God’s Word – not as brussel sprouts that you have to eat because they’re good for you (though certainly God’s Word IS good for us in every way) or an instruction manual for life that you set aside because it’s dry. But, instead, my hope is that we would be women who view God’s Word as the choicest of desserts, the most valuable of treasures. That you would be full of passion and longing when you consider reading your Bible because it is your intimate peek at your Lord’s heart and perspective.

Can I just tell you that sometimes when I know I’m going to be in Cincinnati for Graeter’s Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chip ice cream, I start to salivate at the thought of it? And when I spoon that first bite into my mouth… wow. Delight. Not duty. Pure delight. No one has to force me to eat Graeter’s. I want it because it is so good and creamy and chocolaty and the best ice cream ever.

That’s how King David felt about God’s words. I think if we went to the Bible with that kind of anticipation and longing, it would change everything. It would transform us. As we ingest more and more of this honey, I think it would absolutely change who we are and how we think. Not just what we do.

And, that is a critical distinction. "Doing" can be a huge danger with religion. Right away when we think about being transformed, we think of a whole list of stuff that we need to do or not do so that we can change.  Here’s the problem with that perspective: 95% of your life is spill-over. Most of your day is spent just living. You do not think about every gesture, every word, and every movement of your day in light of Biblical principles. Should I go right or left? Is it God’s will for me to buy this cup of coffee or drive my car this route or say “hi” to this woman or correct my child in this way or honk at this driver or make this meal? No. We don’t live that way. Most of what happens in a given day is simply spill-over from what is in your heart.

But, here’s the thing, I would propose that if we’re regularly ingesting the honey, the spill-over would be just a tad sweeter . . .



*the Bible reference is Psalm 19:10. Psalm 19 is a short poem. I’d encourage you to go read it right now. In fact, dare you to. {wink}

photo credit: Shannon S McKee

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