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Spilled Light in Dark Places

Why does life have to be so hard? We may never know the answer to the question, but we do know that when people hurt—really hurt—the world pays attention. Maybe it's part of being human. We fear that hard stuff will come to us next. We watch to see how others cope, so we can prepare.

Recently a couple who are friends of mine had their 2-year-old adopted son returned to his birth father. (Long, painful story...) You better believe that EVERYONE they knew was checking this couples' Facebook status' 10 times a day, wanting to know how they were handling it. They couldn't have children of their own, and God gave them a beautiful son. The worst of the worst happened. The child they loved with all of their hearts was taken away.

My own heart broke, and I wondered, How are they going to deal with this? 

The situation they were thrust into was a dark one, but light shines brightest in darkness.

We may feel called to share Jesus with our neighbors and friends, yet we wonder why no one is paying attention. In my friends' lives, their biggest impact happened when the Light of Jesus slipped out of their broken hearts

This couple's love for God never wavered. They stood strong in Him in their weakest time. They shared how hard the situation was, but they also shared how much God was holding them up. Their testimony was greater than 100 sermons.

If I had one wish today, it would be for this couple to have their son back, but I also trust Jesus. I trust that Jesus loves them more than we can imagine, and Jesus will be their strength in weakness.

All of us will face heartache in this world, but turning to Jesus will not only hold us up … it'll show those watching Who to turn to when pain enters their world--as it will with everyone.

To Jesus. Sweet Jesus.


Tricia Goyer,

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