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Becoming The Fun Mom & Better Mom Mondays Link-up!

Do you remember telling your young married self that when you became a mom, you'd be the fun mom? You promised yourself you'd not over-react to little things (like your mom did) or freak out at messes made while your kids made awesome memories. I know I did.

I had visions of finger paints, water balloon fights, playing in the mud, and just being silly with my kids. Somehow, I had pictured motherhood like an endless summer's day, carefree and full of curious wonder. Little did I know that motherhood, at times, would resemble the sweltering heat of summer more than its breezy hammock-swaying afternoons.

While motherhood is clearly not all fun and games, it need not be the task-oriented-constantly-behind-no-time-for-frivolity experience we often make it out to be. Maybe you'll never find me getting muddy with my kids outside (or maybe you will), but regardless, I want to be more intentionally fun, deliberately light, purposefully enjoyable to be with.

Here are 6 easy ways to start becoming THE FUN MOM you've always hoped to be!

1. Smiling leads to laughing. Laughing is fun. So, go ahead, smile more.

2. Get down on your kids' level. On the ground, in the grass, on the top least once a day, go where your kids go.

3. Stop to give hugs. So many fun moments arise from personal contact--a tickle war, a piggy back ride, a race across the field, a wrestling match. You have to touch, and be together to make these moments happen.

4. Kids' choice is a special treat. Try kids' choice night for: dinner (popcorn and jello and hot dogs?!), movie night, game night...

5. Make time for inefficiency. Sometimes you simply have to resist the temptation to fill every open spot in your schedule in order to have time to be spontaneous. A last minute weekend getaway? A spontaneous drive to the mountains? A picnic at the park? Spontaneity can be fun!

6. Kids love all things squishy, gooey, slimy, sticky, and downright messy. Try and remember one fun thing you did as a kid, and count it a privilege to be the one to introduce it to them.

What are some other ways to incorporate some FUN into your mothering? Please share--I'd love to know! I could use all the help I can get! :)

Grace and peace,

Ruth Simons


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