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Can't Move to the Country? Then Bring the Country to You!

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Are you a soccer mom with a craving for country life?

Do you have secret urges to own chickens or live at the end of an old dirt road?

If this describes you, you are not alone!

There is a movement sweeping the country. People everywhere are feeling the urge to take a step back from our fast-paced modern culture and embrace some of the more old-fashioned aspects of life.

You've probably heard people talk about 'simple living' or 'modern homesteading'. Perhaps you've even contemplated moving to the country, but instead you live in the suburbs with a mini-van and a couple of kids and have no idea how that would ever be possible.

Good news!

There are ways to bring the simplicity of country living to your home and family, no matter where you live!

Even though we might not be able to live in the isolated, rural areas of our ancestors, we can still capture the spirit of their pioneer lifestyles.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas to get you started.

1. Use a Clothesline

Nothing quite says 'lazy country afternoon'  like watching freshly washed sheets flap in the breeze. Even apartment dwellers can dry clothes on their balcony or place a drying rack in their living room. There is something almost romantic about slowing down to take the time to pin clothes to a line and then carefully remove and fold them. Plus, you have the added bonus of that fresh air smell! (If you live in a neighborhood, remember to check your homeowners association regulations before installing a permanent clothesline.)

2. Exercise your Green Thumb

Anyone can grow something- no special tools required! If your space is limited, start off by growing a few of your favorite herbs in windowsill pots. If you have an unused sunny corner in your backyard, experiment with planting a few favorite family vegetables. Squash, beans, and tomatoes are easy to grow and generally produce wonderful yields. Kids love to play in the dirt, so this is a wonderful project for the whole family. You can even turn it into a mini-science lesson as the children help you sow, water, and harvest.

3. Cook from Scratch

Busy schedules make packaged convenience foods very appealing. But in an effort to save time, we often sacrifice nutrition. You might not have time to make everything from scratch, but why not pick a few favorite foods to get you started? Our great-grandmothers were masters of their kitchens, and it can be incredibly empowering to learn some of their skills. Here are a few easy from-scratch recipes to get you started:

4. Spend more time outside

Everyone can benefit from a little extra fresh air. Instead of spending weekends at the mall or movie theater, make an effort to grab the kids and hubby and head outside. It might just be for a walk around the neighborhood, or maybe it's enjoying a family supper in the backyard. Designate times where the kids can take of their shoes, roll around in the grass, and get dirty. So much time in our society is spent on asphalt, enjoy feeling the sun on your skin and the grass between your toes.


Of course, I have barely scratched the surface of the many ways we can bring the country mentality to our everyday lives.

If you are interested in more ideas, I encourage you to check out my newly released eBook: Your Custom Homestead. In it you'll find a detailed, 21 step plan to help you bring the homesteading spirit to your life, no matter where you may live.




In this 79-page eBook, you'll learn how to:

  • Create a homesteading binder.
  • Formulate a homestead mission statement and set goals.
  • Navigate around restrictive homeowner’s associations.
  • Embrace your current location, no matter how “unlikely” it may be.
  • Expand your knowledge base and acquire new skills.
  • Begin preparing for animal and gardening opportunities
  • And much, much more!

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