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Creation Science Biology Study Unit {Giveaway}

I love to teach science from a biblical worldview.  I want to see the world through God's eyes and through his timeline and I want that for my children too.  So I was happy to write up a review on The Creation Science for Kids Biology Study Unit.  You can find a sample chapter on their website.

Some great things about the program.

*I really love the simplicity of this program. It isn't complicated at all....just print off the pages and read!  You don't need a lot of prep time and the lessons don't take very long.  You could do this unit study with multiple children at different ages.  This comes in an ebook form so you can print off just what you need.

*The units are broken up with information about the subject and then questions from the Bible that relate to that topic.

*The illustrations are beautiful, the animals just pop off the pages.

*This creation study is based on the book of Genesis and to me there is no better place to start science.

*I love that a mom created this for her own children, and wanted to share it with other moms.

*The Creation Science Studies Unit 1 contains the following 12 Lessons:

  1. Classifications of Living Things
  2. Five Kingdoms of Living Things
  3. Parts of the Animal Cell
  4. Parts of the Plant Cell
  5. Invertebrate Classifications
  6. Vertebrate Classifications
  7. Animal Reproduction
  8. Types of Seed Plants
  9. Parts of a Plant
  10. Leaves and Leaf Parts
  11. Parts of a Flower
  12. Plant Systems

You can NOT beat the price at only 4.99, when you think of what you spend on science curriculum this is such a deal!  Here is a great video to give you highlights.


GIVEAWAY:  We have three copies to giveaway to our readers!!!  To enter, see the Rafflecopter below.

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