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The Best Way to Balance a Busy Life

Balancing on the balance beam has never been easy for me. As I get older, my sense of balance grows even worse.  It doesn't take much... a simple swing on a swing, a car ride on a particularly curvy road, and I am sick and dizzy.

The same is true in my life. It doesn't take much to upset the balance of my days.  Saying yes to too many good things, not leaving time to just be, as a person or as a family, and living in a generally busy state definitely disturbs my balance.

As I have looked around to remedy this unbalanced feeling, which leads to an unbalanced life, one thing that has helped is to center my life and my activities.

It is simple, really, yet has so much power to change the course of the day.

I simply ask this question: Lord, what is it YOU have for me to do today? 

Of course, there is the grocery shopping, the meals to make, the laundry to do, but, what is it You want me to do today?  By asking those words and reading His Word, it allows Him to direct my days, my moments, my meetings, yes, even my laundry.

As I look around, I sure see a lot of busy.  Busy moms rushing from here to there, busy moms stressing over things, busy moms saying yes to way too many things. We say yes  because it is the norm and we don't know how to choose something different. And while it is all "good" things, I sometimes wonder if we have added so much more to our plates than what we have actually been given.

What if, instead of being busy, saying yes to everything that comes our way {and feeling guilty if we don't}, we said yes to only the things that we feel passionate about? What if we only said yes to the ones we feel the Lord has clearly put on our hearts, and confidently said no to the rest? What if we truly sought the Lord and His direction for the plans we make for our day, weeks, months, years, and lives?

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think of all the things you have to do today?

Are you stressed about all that you have to accomplish?

Then, I would venture to guess that there are some things that are on your plate that were never meant to be there.

So I challenge  you {and myself} to get alone for a few minutes and pray about your schedule. Look at everything that is on your plate.  Is there something you can let go of for now?

Then ask Him today, what is it You want me to do today? 

Blessings, Joy Gracefull Mama

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