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The Back-to-School Routine!

One of the challenges you may face is getting yourself and your kids into a "back to school" mode. Whether you homeschool or not, you may take a little time off during the summer and slack-off on getting things done as quickly in the morning. 

Here is what we do the week before school starts to start practicing for our mornings again:

  • Getting up earlier again
  • Going to bed on time
  • Practice setting alarm clock, and waking up with it
  • Checking the next day's weather
  • Setting out clothes the night before
  • Getting backpacks set up
  • Practice making their lunch
I make a new morning schedule for each child at the beginning of each school year. My kids are more productive in the morning than in the afternoon so they have a schedule and list of chores that needs to get done before school. {Here is how to make a simple chore chart}.  As they get older and bigger, they are expected to do more and more in the morning - such as making their own breakfasts and packing their lunches. I have a list of what they are supposed to put into their lunches inside the pantry so they know what is expected. Getting all these things ready makes it easier for us to be in "back to school" mode and easier to get up when the first day of school arrives! Do you have any other great tips that you use to get back into the school mode again?

Today's post is part of our Back to School series!

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