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It all started with a courtship.  Perhaps it was love at first sight or maybe it was a gradual growing till love matured to perfection.   Smiles.  Whispers of sweet nothings.  

A proposal, followed by a fairytale wedding with sweet flowers and soft music.

The honeymoon.  Life reaching a new normal.

Just the two of us.  Life is good.

Then something happens.  A baby is on the way.   Perhaps one of the most difficult yet greatest blessings of their lives is suddenly thrown upon the couple.  It was completely unexpected and unplanned for.  How will they deal with this big change?  Where will they get the finances?  Where will they get the know how to care for this great thing entrusted to them? How will they keep strong their love for one another?

Unfortunately this is the story of many young couples.  Going about life so wrapped up in the here and now that they have forgotten to prepare for the future.  Many couples go into marriage without discussing the topic of children and child rearing at all or very little.

Perhaps they want to start a family several years down the road or maybe the thought has just never crossed their minds.

But babies happen.  Sometimes at the most unexpected times and we must be ready and prepared for them.  Children are a great and wonderful gift from the Lord.  By His grace and sovereignty they are entrusted to parents to protect them, provide for them and train them in the things of the Lord.  It’s an awesome responsibility that should never be taken lightly.  Parents have the amazing privilege to grow their little ones and then shoot them out like little arrows to shake the world with their passion for Christ.

Children are too big of a responsibility not to plan for.  We must prepare ourselves.

We should strive to be ready for these sweet gifts now- in the courting stage, during engagement and young married life.

It is so important that couples discuss children and child rearing as early on in their relationship as possible.  One of the top reasons for divorce is difference of opinion when it comes to children and family life.  Talk about this topic sooner rather than later so both of you can have unity in this area.  It’s much easier to discuss this topic for the first time with a gentle spirit before the responsibility lays on your shoulders

  • Study what a Christ-centered family looks like and make sure you are both on the same page as far as how many children you hope to have, how you will educate them, what discipline methods you will use and just christian parenting philosophies in general.
  • Children are a wonderful blessing but they do not come without expense.  It’s so important to talk as a couple and make sure you can provide for a child properly.  Even if you want to wait a few years to have children sometimes God surprises us with a little blessing sooner than we had planned.  It’s a good idea to keep this in mind when looking towards marriage or when budgeting as a young married couple.

Children are a great gift and responsibility from the Lord.  Take time to prepare for them now whether you are single, dating, engaged or married.  This is good for you, your marriage/future marriage and God’s future image bearers.  

Find out how to radically prepare for children here.

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