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How To Figure Out Your Spiritual Gift

Do you remember in Elementary School the "gifted" classes. I had a sister who was in ALL of those classes - she graduated as Valedictorian.  I've always admired her intelligence - and truly she is gifted. I was the chatty sister - hence I grew up to write blogs!!! Haha!
If there was a gifted class at church it would not be exclusive because God's word says we are ALL gifted!
Romans 5:6 says "We have different gifts, according to the grace given us." Then it goes on to list some of the gifts which include: serving, teaching, encouraging, leading, giving and mercy. (I Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4, and I Peter 4 also talk about gifts of the Spirit if you want to read further.)
These gifts are usually called "Spiritual Gifts" and they are given to us freely by God's grace to meet the needs of the body. When we use our spiritual gifts, the body is built up, encouraged and unified.
In the past, I found myself tempted to act like I had all the gifts (this was obviously prideful - I'm being vulnerable here) - I tried to be an encourager, evangelize, teach, serve, give, administrate, and lead. Then it hit me - I was over comitted and stressed out!
When I sense "burnout" I remember something my Greek Professor in college once said. He said "if you feel burnt out - then you are not serving in the Holy Spirit's strength.  You're serving in your own strength!" And then he said "I'd rather rust out than burn out" meaning he planned to focus on his area of giftedness given by the Holy Spirit and serve in that one area until the day he died!
So where are you on the spectrum?
Are you getting burnt out trying to do too many things for the body of Christ?
Or are you unsure of what your gift is and serving very little?
Many people ask - how can I know what my gift is? There are many spiritual gift tests you can take BUT I recommend that you get serving! As you serve, pray that God will show you what your gift is.
Get your feet wet trying all types of ministries. Volunteer to do different things for 3 months at a time. Find out which one lights your fire and excites you and which ones you dread. I learned through trying to coordinate a mentorship program that I was capable of administrating it - but dreaded the administrative aspect. I tried to write friends letters to encourage them but it fizzled out.  I've taken many women meals over the years but I'm not the best cook - it's just not an area I shine in.
Don't get me wrong - all of these ministries are necessary and vital to the unity of our body of Christ - but I think God has gifted someone else better for these tasks. But when I open my Bible to write a Bible study lesson or stand up in front of a group of women to share a devotional - my heart skips a beat - I get so excited to teach! It's my passion - it's what God "gifted" me to do and I feel compelled to do it.
What is it that you feel compelled to do?
What do you find joy in doing?
Have you found the ministry that makes your heart skip a beat with joy when you have the opportunity to do it?
That's the Holy Spirit working in you!
That's your spiritual gift!
Don't just use your gifts for your family or employer - but use it to build up the body of Christ - we need you!!!
Now it's your turn - share with us - what is your spiritual gift and how are you using it?
Walk with the King!


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