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Life-Giving Thoughts {What are we thinking?}

The thoughts running around in my mind affect my mood and eventually come out of my mouth. It never fails. I guess that's why Jesus said, "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." It's just true. And sometimes, it ain't pretty. So I don't want negative, erroneous thoughts stirring around. Because what I think becomes what I believe, which becomes what I say, which becomes what my kids hear.

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I want true thoughts and grace thoughts filling my mind so that truth and grace spill out. So here are a number of thoughts I (try to) think upon throughout the dailiness of life:

    • God, You have called me to be their mom. He designed us for this. He crafted us individually to be "mama" to our specific children. It wasn't a mistake or coincidence. He called.


    • When You call, You equip. He doesn't place a call upon His children and then leave us to fend for ourselves. He calls and then equips. Through the power of His Spirit and the guidance of His Word, He equips us to train them up to glorify our Lord.


    • Let me see them like You see them. I want His vision, especially when tensions rise in our home. And believe me, they rise. I want to see my children rightly so that I can effectively guide them. I want to see their hearts, not just their hands.


    • This stage won't last forever. Remembering that things will change in time helps me engage and embrace the season we're in today.


    • Even this moment has purpose. He is always shedding needful things in us. No moment is apart from His ultimate sovereign ordaining -- even the really messy, whiny moments. Choosing to believe changes my perspective.


  • Your Word does not return void; I believe You to make it alive in their souls. We cannot change hearts, only He can. But as the mom, we plant the seeds. He then brings the increase. He will eventually make His Word alive in them.

If our thoughts bless and honor our Lord, then our words will bless and honor our Lord, and in turn our children. Praying we are moms who think life-giving thoughts that we would speak life-giving words.

What thoughts do you (or can you) choose to think upon so that grace and blessing flow from your mouth?

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