When Motherhood Has You Worn and Weary

Does your child's bad choice make you a bad mom? Do you think you have to do everything right or your child will turn out wrong? Are you trapped in the rat race of motherhood and find yourself believing that a good mother can do it all, all at once?   It is time to de-bunk these myths of motherhood that have us feeling "less than" and "not enough". It is time to walk in the freedom of God's word and discover a fresh new vision for the age-old calling of motherhood.

3 Workouts to Bust Through Frustration

Do you know that you have a built-in mechanism to take care of those every-day (or not so every-day) frustrations? Yes! God, in His awesome mercy and design created our bodies to move and for specific chemicals to be released after we do so which can help us manage those frustrations and anger.