Why This Summer Matters to Moms

Are you ready to jump into fall? Schedules beckon us, but that's why summer matters so much. Often times, it's the quiet seasons of rest that help propel us forward into the busy season to come. But that rest? It's rooted in a person that will strengthen you all year long.

What if we could be defined more by the quiet and unseen moments of our days than the ones that take center stage?

What if the in between seasons and pauses and time of rest received actually mean more to the state of our lives and our families than all the times of productivity and visible output? Our souls, like rich, flourishing fields, cry out for fallow seasons too- those times set aside to turn over the soul, to let nutrients sink deep to nourish, so that we can emerge in the next season ready to yield a great harvest. 

This is why summer matters for moms. Its the annual pause that shakes up our rhythm, the time of the year that falls between packed schedules and homework, practices and lessons and thwarts the weekday grind of the rest of the school year to allow us to catch our breath and  be strengthened by the string of sun kissed days. 

When everything in you cries out "Do more, Show your worth, produce more stuff," Summer says, "Just be."

And moms, we have needed these days to just be present, we have needed them to quench our thirst, to quiet our hearts, to look at our babies in the eye and see the sparkle of play come alive in them. We have needed the shake up to remember that no matter how much we DO, we are defined by WHOSE we are, and that a season of rest ultimately reminds us of the rest He gives and brings and breathes into our weary mom hearts all year round. 

But now, its time to gear up for the next season to come. Its time to prepare our hearts for school calendars and back to school nights, curriculum fairs and PTA meetings, co-op classes and books stretched across the dining table until meal time and then again afterward. Its time to move beyond our oasis of cool water and summer sun toward the work that may often go unseen but that matters so much. To wake one more time to soothe a child, to choose again to fold laundry and uniforms and place a healthy meal on the table again and again and again.

In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength. - Isaiah 30:15

Lord. may we be daughters who live with thanks for the season that is coming to a close, but that reminds us of the rest you bring to us each day. May we receive the gift of your very self and may all our work be carried out from a place of trusting you for the strength required. May Summer be eternal in our memory and in the reality of our hearts as we move forward into busier and often more trying days. Amen.

ith great hope for what this next season brings and thanks for the rest that has been given,



Kristen Kill

Kristen Kill is a woman transformed by the delight of God. She loves coffee, gingerbread, and staying up late with her nose in a good mystery. She believes there is something sacred in lighting candles, in setting a beautiful table and inviting others in. Most days she can be found attempting to learn how to cook, redecorating any given room instead of cleaning her house, and homeschooling her five hilarious children. 

A contributing Editor at The Better Mom, and co-host of At Home, a popular podcast with Sally Clarkson, Kristen is passionate about encouraging women who feel stretched thin. She believes that tension is where we can learn to live expectant for the music and melody God is singing over of each one of us. She writes about home, creativity, and flourishing at her blog Hope With Feathers (kristenkill.com)

After spending the last seven years in the hustle of New York City, she and her husband, Josh, are learning to go slow as they raise their family and walk their anxious hound dog in the Pacific Northwest. Her first book, Finding Selah is due from Zondervan in 2018.

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