The NEW and FABULOUS Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Review and Giveaway!!!

**************This Giveaway is now CLOSED***************

Congratulations to Comment #329 Heather H.!!!  I will be emailing you with directions for claiming your prize!!

Yes you read that title right!!  One of you will win an Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Cleaner valued at $499.99!!  I am so excited to tell you all about this beauty!


Introducing the lightest, full-powered upright in America.With its extremely strong, durable magnesium frame, the Magnesium™ packs all the power you expect from an Oreck vacuum — so much power it feels like it’s self-propelled on most surfaces. The two speed Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile. It’s even gentle enough for fine Oriental and Persian rugs. Additionally, the large high-performance rear wheels with cylindrical wheel bearings give the Magnesium maneuverability, making it easy to push through high-pile carpet. Best of all, it lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture.

You can only imagine my excitement when Oreck contacted me to try out their new vacuum cleaner.   What mom isn’t always on the hunt for the PERFECT vacuum??  I had been searching for years to no avail.  I just knew that this Oreck Magnesium might be my answer.  Sure enough, it is!  This vacuum is durable and easily goes from carpet to tile to throw rug and back to carpet again with no trouble. (You don’t even have to stop the vacuum because your throw rug got sucked up in the bottom *ahem).  It goes from surface to surface with ease and sucks up everything along the way.  Not only that but… get ready for this… vacuuming stairs is so easy!!!  At 7 lbs. the Magnesium makes vacuuming those dreaded stairs a cinch!

The first picture below shows me vacuuming on a throw rug, and the second picture shows how the Magnesium lays completely flat as I vacuum under the coffee table.

Now all of this is lovely and definitely is enough for me to call this my #1 vacuum, but there is one thing that sold me 110% on this.  I didn’t even expect this or even think of it.  The story goes… I was out of town speaking at the MomHeart conference.  When I returned home I noticed the vacuum was upstairs.  I asked my husband if he had vacuumed upstairs.  His response, “No the kids vacuumed their rooms.  It is great because they just carried the vacuum up and swept their rooms all by themselves.” {gasp and light bulb moment}  My 9 year old, 7 year old, and 5 year old can all pick up this vacuum, because it is only 7 lbs and carry it up the stairs!  Not only that, it is so easy to control while vacuuming because it is lightweight, so my 5 year old can now vacuum all by himself!  How many times have I had to stop in the middle of doing something to lug the heavy vacuum up the stairs to my child’s room for him/her to vacuum?!?!?  This my fellow mommies is the #1 reason I LOVE this vacuum!  It has all of the great things I listed above, plus whether you are holding a baby in one arm and vacuuming with the other, or it is time for your 5 year old to clean up his or her room, the Magnesium makes it so simple!


I am so thrilled to offer one of my readers the chance to win the Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Cleaner!  The entry options will be listed below, but there are two that you MUST do to be entered.  Since this giveaway is exclusively for The Better Mom readers and community you must subscribe to our email updates to enter, and you must Visit and tell us one thing you learned about the Magnesium.

I hope you win!!!

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*Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.  I was given the Magnesium Vacuum to review from Oreck. All opinions stated in this post are entirely my own opinion. Oreck is providing the vacuum for the winning entrant.

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  1. Melinda says

    I can’t believe it’s only about 7.7 lbs. It would be perfect for my aging parents! They have so much carpet and stairs with carpet. Love the idea it’s so light!

  2. Wendi says

    I love that it has a two speed Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile

  3. Broboysmom (Leigha) says

    Oh my gosh! I need to win this so badly, we are moving into our new place next week and with all the crazy expenses of moving into our dream house, this would be the icing on the cake! Thanks so much for the opportunity. :)

  4. Lisa Hasz Hasz says

    I’m loving the 7.7 pound weight…how cool is that? My kids can’t lug my heavy vacuum all the way upstairs by themselves. The 7 year warranty is pretty great too! :)

  5. Ralynnathome says

    Really would love to win this! I’m on your RSS feed now, put something on I learned about the vaccumand I shared it on facebook

  6. says

    This looks awesome. With a new house and a toddler, I could really use this. Plus, my daughter always wants me to hold her while I vacuum. Sounds like the light weight and power combo would be an awesome solution!

  7. Bovellclan says

    It has great maneuverability on high-pile carpet due to the “large high-performance rear wheels with cylindrical wheel bearings.” Great for frieze!

  8. Dickersoncoupon says

    Something I learned from the Oreck site…the way it is able to trap dirt with its vacuum sealed technology. It also includes a Heppa filter. These are so important once you have kids. Keep dirt and germs away is a hard but a necessary task.

  9. Jessi J says

    Signed up for emails and was already following on facebook. I would love to have this vaccuum, the fact that it’s super light and lies flat would really be a big help!

  10. Cludwig says

    What a fantastic give-away Ruth! Thank you for thinking of all your readers! BTW….I could REALLY use this vacuum…mine bit the dust!

  11. Jill D. says

    Oh my goodness! I was just having this conversation with my husband…trying to lay out my rationale for wAnting to spend $500 on a vacuum (totally not in our budget right now) to which of course he was not excited! I have gone through a vacuum every two years and so he’s reluctant to spend lots on a vaccumm, but with 2 little ones who inherited their mothers awful allergies, vacuuming is part of survival here and a daily task. I desperately need a good vacuum!!

    I learned that there is a 7 year warranty…very helpful tip in my continued plea with the hubby! :)I also subscribe via email!

  12. Becky T says

    I’ve been reading your blog through Google Reader for a few months now, but I just subscribed to the emails! Thanks for the chance to win this vacuum!

  13. Stacey F says

    I learned that it is the lightest full powered upright in America. Thank you for the opportunity to win such an awesome vacuum!

  14. Megkor says

    I read your blog through google reader and always enjoy and a encouraged. I like the lightweight aspect of the vac and the self propelling across all types of flooring!

  15. Lacinda says

    I learned that it can go under furniture easily. And I love that you can go to different flooring textures in a snap. I currently own an Oreck and I LOVE it, but it’s been around for many, many years. . . I’ve been thinking it could be time for a replacement soon. I’d love for this one to be my next vacuum!!!

  16. Dorothy says

    I learned that the Magnesium Vacuum weighs only 7.7 pounds and even has headlights for late-night vacuuming sessions! ( = Thanks for the chance to win a much-needed item! May your day be blessed by our good God! <3

  17. Carol Bruckmann says

    Ooooo, a 7 year warranty and very lightweight. I’ll still read from my Google Reader, but I’ll sign up for emails sfor the chance for this baby!

  18. Jean says

    I visited the website and learned that it can even be used on high pile carpet. Awesome since we just got a “shag” rug for the kids’ play room and I wasn’t sure how I was going to clean it!

  19. Jennifermarcil says

    What a great opportunity, thank you for the chances in this giveaway. Vacuuming is one thing that is very stressful without a good appliance. I like that it has a long lasting belt, 30 ft cord and comes with tune ups!! Would love this!

  20. Betty Hansma says

    Learned that it can lay all the way down = Hello! Perfect for storage under a furniture item!

    (Is this offer open to people living outside the US? I don’t know where to look for that info – haven’t seen anything.)

  21. Betty says

    Learned that it can lay all the way down = Hello! Perfect for storage under a furniture item!

    (Is this offer open to people living outside the US? I don’t know where to look for that info – haven’t seen anything.)

  22. Heather says

    I am a subscriber to The Better Mom! :) The Oreck has a switch on the back called the Quickswitch. It allows you to use on all floor types with the appropriate power; high for carpets and low for hardwood or tiles. Very neat!!

  23. Linda says

    I just subscribed to your email updates:) I learned from the Oreck site that it has a system that break down the what is vacuumed up before it goes into the bag.

  24. Denikw90 says

    I am a new subscriber! I learned that the Oreck is lightweight and can easily switch from carpet to hardwood floors. It’s just what I need. Thanks!

  25. Grace says

    I love that it has a 30 foot cord! We are looking for a new vacuum and I have been wanting an Oreck. Best vacuums around.

  26. Katie says

    I don’t know if the vacuum would live any longer than my previous purchases (I kill vacuums often) but your blog is neat. :) I look forward to reading more of it.

  27. Melissa Horton says

    I learned that the Oreck has a “straight” path…which I never thought about concerning my regular old bagless vac (that I just got rid of). I SO need this!

  28. Kchase121603 says

    This is an amazing opportunity for someone to win! Thank you so much for all your amazing give aways! You are a true blessing to many people, God bless you and your family!

  29. Tristin says

    I learned many things. How do we pick just one. Something I will use often is the multi service vacuum. I would love to vacuum the living room and then the kitchen without stopping.

  30. Misty from LA says

    Excited about this giveaway! I just had new floors put down ( wood and carpet) and have been seaching for a new effective vacume. Everyone has been raving about their Oreck. Our local Oreck store donates often to local charities!

  31. Hannaz3 says

    I love the direct suction path! There is less room for clogs and easier clean out if need be. I am a very straight to the point kinda person so this really suits my way of thinking.

  32. SusieQ1124 says

    It’s lightweight and maneuverable so I can vacuum and not aggravate my existing “shoulder problems” and best of all it has a HEPA filter system so it will not recirculate the dust that I am trying to get rid of!

  33. Terri Cannon says

    I just subscribed to your emails. I love that the Magnesium has a 7 year warranty with 3 annual tuneups AND that the inner bag is HEPA!

  34. Brian & Tami Montgomery says

    I’m not crazy about a bag vacuum, however since I know how well it works, I’d still love to have one! I’m going to need a new vacuum pretty soon too. I like the long cord and an easy high/low switch. I have carpet and wood floor right next to each other in several places, so that would be handy.

  35. Drmeghanbirt says

    Wow, this is something that I saw and got so excited about. I grew up with my mom using both the upright and handheld Oreck vacuum and they have always worked so well and been so durable. I love the Magnesium vacuum because it flattens out to go under furniture. Right now I hate to admit it but I don’t clean so well under furniture/ tables because it’s so hard to move it every time. And I love how much more durable this one sounds than than even the previous Orecks. I’m sure this would be a vacuum that you would have for many years. You know when a company gives a long warranty, you know you have an excellent product!

  36. Lucinda says

    My parents bought Oreck vaccuums. I could always notice a difference when I used their vaccuum, so light and easy to use, as well as great suction. I’ve wanted one, but it hasn’t been in our budget. Would love to win this vaccuum! Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  37. Deb says

    A good vacuum is hard to find. I am very impressed with Oreck products. My Oriental rug needs vacuuming quite often and this product is perfect for the job. I like how is cleaning under furniture with ease.

  38. Lajeania says

    packs all the power you expect from an Oreck vacuum. This would be wonderful. I have not found a good vacuum cleaner yet. Would love the chance to try Oreck.

  39. Carly says

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love that it is lightweight and has a long cord. I also love that it has a 7 year warranty and tuneups. The best part is the Hepa filter. Everyone in my house has allergies. This would surely help out with that. I just had a premature baby two months ago and I need to keep thing extra clean. This would greatly be appreciated in my house. The only thing better would be a custom grip for my husband’s hand. lol. Thanks so much!

  40. Melinda says

    I wondered how such a small vacuum could work so well. Found my answer – “Because these smaller motors sit closer to the floor they provide efficient suction and are able to spin the brushroll incredibly fast.”

  41. Tonya Brown says

    I have four flights of stairs in our home and a SUPER LIGHT vacuum that works on Wood Floors and Carpet would be AWESOME! My mother-in-law has had Oreck Vacuums for over 15 years and won’t use anything else. I would love to have one!!

  42. Mitzi Cline says

    What a great machine. One of the features I found of value was the HEPA feature and how it can pick up particles as mold spores and pollen. Thanks for the opportunity.

  43. Sarah Lange says

    I love that “it lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture.” I’m really hoping to win this for my handicapped mother. I think the lightweight of this would really ease the burden of vacuuming for her. Thanks for this opportunity!

  44. Elizabeth says

    I love how easily it slides under furniture. I so don’t have the time to be moving the sofa and night stands every time I vacuum, not to mention getting under the cabinets. How awesome!

  45. petejessnewland says

    Just yesterday I was vacuuming and bemoaning how I KNOW it’s not cleaning very well, but I can’t afford a new one. So I could really use this!

  46. Theresa says

    Wow! This would be great to have. Especially since it only weighs 7.7 pounds. My kids could help out more since ours is too heavy for them. I vacuum every other day and this would give me more time for other things!

  47. Irenakulakevich says

    Thanks for the great giveaway! :) I learned that the Magnesium Vacuum uses a HEPA inner bag. I like that it will pick up dust, pollen and mold. That’s awesome since the little ones are always playing on the floor :)

  48. Erica says

    What a great giveaway! I learned that he two speed Quickswitch on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile. I also subscribed to the email.

  49. Lisa Wilson says

    I’m in need of a new vacuum and with a surgery coming up, my existing vacuum will be too heavy for me but this one is so light I could do the vacuuming still! Not sure that’s a positive, but hey. And the vacuum uses a “dirty air system” in which dirt is pulled through a fan that breaks it into smaller particles that get sucked up into the vacuum. Nice and clean!

  50. Rachel says

    WOW!!! I am so excited about this opportunity, although I never win giveaways, it can’t hurt to keep trying. I love that it is so light and virtually lays flat to fit under furniture. Thanks.

  51. Mary Beth says

    Oh I am so excited about this opportunity to win this. I was looking to buy a new one because the one I have isn’t good enough for our needs. Gets clogged very easy with dog hair and dust. Yes I love the 30 ft cord too.

  52. Christyann says

    I love that the Magnesium uses bags. I’ve been looking for a great vacuum with a bag and they seem to be rare!

  53. Harvestdance says

    I love that it lies flat so I wouldn’t have to move my heavy chairs. Thank you. I’ve been loving your blog for a while now.

  54. Sara says

    The thirty foot cord sounds great for easy access in a open floor plan home and going up a staircase that twists and turnes!

  55. Kay says

    I didn’t know the Magnesium had two speeds – that would make sense for two types of floor. I have a 7 year old Oreck, and LOVE it. It is wearing out, and I badly need another one! *fingers crossed*

  56. Debbie says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the Oreck Magnesium. I signed up for the emails and also went to the Oreck site and learned that it has so much power it feels like it is self propelled. Can’t wait to try it when I win!!!!

  57. Alicia says

    I think it is great how the Magnesium Vacuum has direct suction, allowing the motor to be smaller, so it can be so lightweight! I dread vacuuming the stairs! This would make it so easy! *(Isn’t it great how the thought of a new vacuum can be so exciting!) What a great way to “bless” someone’s home. Thank you for this opportunity!*

  58. Tanya Shenk says

    This is fantastic! I am already signed up for e-mail and I learned that it is very powerful, very light-weight, moves from hard surfaces to carpet (no more switching pieces like I do with my old electrolux!) and would make my life so much easier! What a great give a way!

  59. HomeschoolingMomMe - Oona says

    I would LOVE this… I have very messy boys, a dog & a cat & vacuum at least twice a day & sometimes three or four times! Love that it is lightweight! & that it has a quickswitch feature to easily go between carpet & flirting.

  60. Jlramer says

    Thank you! I learned that the Oreck Magnesium virtually lays flat for easy cleaning under furniture, is very powerful and has a 30 ft. long cord! Sounds like an awesome machine to me!

  61. Dnecmail says

    I can NEVER figure out exactly how to enter these contests. As a mother of two ages 19 and 3 I am very familiar with messes. I have been through a hug number if vacuums. So many infant that I can pull most apart clear the blockages, change the belts, even replace some parts. I have had canisters, uprights, handhelds, portables, even a few back pack vacs. BUT I have Yet to find one that can perform the way I would love for it to.
    Please consider me to win this MUCH NEEDED GIVEAWAY

  62. Jessica Bimberg says

    Awesome giveaway. I love that it’s easily carried….since we have lots of vacuuming to do upstairs and downstairs!

  63. Melissa says

    Thank you for the chance to win one of these beauties!! I visited the website and learned that not only is this the lightest upright Oreck has ever made (Which would be fabulous in our home of little ones) but also that it comes with Tune ups!! YAY Oreck!

  64. Wowmom9 says

    I would love this vacuum for all the stairs I trudge up and down. I like that it comes with a 7-year limited warranty* and 3 yearly tune-ups!!!

  65. Sara Frazier says

    Between a dog that is constantly shedding and 2 daughters with long hair, I desperately need a good vacuum that will pick up everything that finds its way onto my carpets. I really like that it lays nearly flat and will help clean under furniture as well.

  66. Tt says

    desperate need of a vacuum! I had two and the motor blew on both…can’t afford to get another one at this time. My dirty floor is crying out for relief. :)

  67. Penny Koshiol says

    It weighs only 7.7 lbs. That’s less than a gallon of milk in each hand! Cool.

    Would love to win this! Thanks.


  68. loRi :) says

    2012 housewares design award finalist? I’ll take it. :) We’ve got a dyson that is plumb worn OUT, so are in need of a new vacuum…and I just saw out the car window the other day that we have an Oreck STORE in the neighborhood now! Thanks for the honest review…if I DON’T win, I might have to stop over there in the next few weeks and seriously check them out!

  69. Robyn Davis says

    This would be so awesome to win. I love that it can be used all floor types and is light weight. Mine is so heavy that I need help taking it up our stairs. My husband’s grandma owned an Oreck and it lasted for years.

  70. Nancy B says

    I learned that the Magnesium Vacuum has direct suction and a rollerbrush that rotates 7,000 revolutions per minute!!
    I SO would love to win this vacuum. When we moved I had to leave my vacuum behind because it wouldn’t fit in the van. We bought a cheap Dirt Devil and my 11 year old dropped it down the stairs and broke off the handle 2 weeks after we got it. We haven’t had the money to replace it so I’ve been using it for 6 months with the handle duct taped on!! LOL

  71. jennifer w says

    I have always loved Oreck vacuums! I love that this one has a quick switch that allows you to change between vacuumming areas. I also love that it is so lightweight that the children can use it. I think it would be wonderful to win! I am sure all 4 of my children would enjoy helping out , since it is so lightweight and easy to use.

  72. Nikole says

    I learned it practically lays flat! So not only is it light, I don’t have to mover a lot of heavy furniture either!

  73. Lori says

    I learned that the Magnesium has 102 mph of airflow. What better way to be able to pick up dog hair! I also learned that it has a Hepa inner bag, which is included. This would be so cool to win. I think I might even like to vacuum. :-)

  74. Carmenrice says

    I am tired of buying a mediocre vacuum every 2 years. They are bulky and I end up doing it all because it is so bulky with our tri-level setup. I would love the 7 year warranty and 7 lb with great quality vacuum!

  75. Debbie says

    I love the 30ft. cord and the fact that it is soooo lightweight!! I have a lot of stairs and a bad back so this makes my life MUCH easier!!

  76. Cbrewer44 says

    I love that it’s so lightweight! I really never understood how it could be so light until I clicked through to the extra pictures on the website. It’s so simply made! I would love to try one:)

  77. Lori says

    I’ve been without a working vacuum cleaner now for two weeks and my house really needs this! I’ve been wanting an Oreck because I love the fact that the Magnesium uses a HEPA inner bag and as air passes through it, it captures at least 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns from that air, such as pollen, dust, smoke, animal dander and mold spores. I also like that it can be used on high pile carpet and go to wood floors easily, and it’s only 7 lbs! Sounds like the best vacuum for my house.

  78. Rebecca V says

    I visited the website and learned and loved the fact that it has a 30 ft cord, is light weight, and lays flat….going to make vacuuming under the bed more than a once a year activity! I would be thrilled to win this :D

  79. Dannielle Kirkland says

    I checked out the website and while there are many benefits I learned my favorite was its different settings or hardwood, tile, and carpet which is AMAZING because we have all three in our home!

  80. Toni says

    I have been wanting an Oreck for YEARS!!!! I love that its a reputable company. After viewing their website, I really like the idea that this vacuum is lightweight. I have to lug it up and down the stairs. That will be helpful. Thanks so much for the giveaway… Fingers crossed, prayers sent above! ;)

  81. Lisa Sanz says

    Only 7.7 lbs. That’s what I’m talking about!! Awesome, I have wanted an Oreck Vacuum for a loooong time. Would be sooo excited to get to have this one. Only other moms can understand the excitment about a vacuum! :-)

  82. Belovedsword says

    I love all of those things mentioned (lightweight, great suction, 7 year warranty, hours surface to surface easily) but I have to say the fact that my boys can easily use it is a deal-sealer for me!!

  83. Dawn says

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to subscribe & sign-up to win. We recently moved back home to Colorado from Charleston, South Carolina. We lived there for 5 years! We moved out there with some friends to help them plant a church. It was a crazy faith adventure! Nearing our 4th anniversary, I began suffering with some mysterious health obstacles. We began to pray & ask God, “What now?” He answered our hearts cries in so many ways. We felt His leading to come back home to Colorado. He provided all that we needed to come back. The move happened swiftly. In the process of loading the truck, there a few last items that had to be left behind. The vacuum was one of those things! We’ve been living with family for the past 5 months here, but have finally found our own place! Certainly, replacing our vacuum is a must! Would love to win this beauty?! Thanks for the chance to try!

  84. Pinacoladas2u says

    This Oreck Vacuum was given Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute!!! I Love that it is only 7lbs! since i am built very small this would be perfect for me! i’m so excited to learn about it! AND hope for the best with this givaway!!! Thanks! ~*PD :)

  85. denisenelson says

    What isn’t there to love about this Oreck?!! I just love the fact that I learned how it lays flat to get under furniture, wow, what a difference that must make while vacuuming!! I also love how it will work for different types of floors and that it won’t try to suck up the throw rugs!! Would love this as I know everyone else would! Best of luck to all!!

  86. valerie says

    It won’t suck up my throw rugs? Glory and hallelujah!! :) Thanks so much for this giveaway! Would love to win a new vacuum – I just ordered a new one for my 15 year anniversary gift at work….and it overheats and shuts off half-way through the job! Ugh!

  87. Ldreinthaler says

    Oh my goodness, I just finished vacuuming the house and now my lower back is hurting. I have scoliosis and lugging the vacuum around (up and down the stairs) really seems to aggravate it. I have a heavy filter queen that we bought over 20 years ago, and I am so excited to even have the opportunity to win a new vacuum. I learned the Magnesium uses a HEPA inner bag to help capture pollen, dust, and mold spores which would be super for my husband (he’s allergic to all three). My favorite feature is that it’s so light (7 lbs.) – I think my back would love it!

  88. Lilnursejen says

    I learned that it can practically go flat-how this would make my vacuuming under the beds etc easy!
    Jennifer Marie
    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

  89. Deb Harris says

    What a fantastic giveaway! I love that it’s so lightweight, because of a chronic illness involving at times severe pain & fatigue, vacuuming is not always done as often as I would like, frequently by the time I drag the vacuum around downstairs I just can’t manage balancing on the stairs never mind doing the upstairs. When I do the stairs & rooms upstairs I leave it up there until I need again. Downstairs of course. I also love that it has hepa filter bags. I hate my bag less & find emptying & cleaning the dust cup & filter difficult due to Astma. Truthfully, even without breathing problems I just don’t like bag less & they seem to be the ones you find. Thanks for the chance

  90. Thea says

    I just learned that this vacuum is perfect for oriental and Persian rugs, along with working well on wood floors. Since I have not had a new vacuum for 20 + years, I was so happy to see this contest for the very vacuum that I was settling on.

  91. SabinJayne Gautreau says

    I love that it is a lightweight, sometimes that is the thing that puts me off vacumming is trying to lug it around!

  92. Twila Henry says

    I am in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. The one we got for a wedding gift almost 16 years ago is about to die….we keep taping the hose and holding it together here and there. This would be an awesome win! ;)

  93. Talia Miller says

    I would really love to have this vacuum! I subscribed to emails. And I love that this vacuum can do carpets and wood or tile! Also I had no idea that magnesium was more durable than most steel! Awesome.

  94. Tracy E. says

    Love everything I read about this vacuum! It would be a huge step up from the $50 cheapy I’m using now. I am very impressed to learn it lays flat to go under furniture and I like that it has the hepa layered bag.

  95. Katie Ainsley says

    I thought that I had already written a comment on what I like about the vacuum but I can’t find it…so here I go again. I like how light it is…my kids could actually vacuum the stairs :) I like all the other cool stuff about it too but I mostly just NEED it. I go thru about 2 vacuums a year…so I would like a good sturdy reliable vacuum that will last! Katie Ainsley

  96. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good says

    Oh this would be so much fun! I’m so tired of FIGHTING with my vacuum and having to take it apart every time we use it to clean out the clogs!!

  97. says

    I so need a good vacuum that is easy on my body, but great on my floors!! Tired of disposable appliances. This one sounds top notch with all the features busy moms look for… lightweight, versatile, family friendly and built to last!!

  98. Fillafarmstead says

    Very cool!! What a super giveaway! I’d live to win too. The fact that it can work on so many different surfaces with great suction power and ease of use is perfect. Love that my boys would be able to use it too.

    I’ve been following you via Facebook, and have been tremendously blessed by each of your posts, and have been sharing most of them with my friends. I love your blog! I’ll look for the email subscribe and sign up now.

    Thanks again!!!

  99. Foustmail says

    I love the surface-to-surface cleaning and that it will lay flat, two things that will save time and energy and get the job done before I am called off by the kids — oh wait, they could actually help me with this lightweight vacuum! And actually I was really geeked-out by the “direct suction” to the bag instead of the dirt having to be sucked up through a maze of tubes, that sounds so simple it’s great!

  100. says

    I learned that it lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture. I’m currently using a wet-dry vac as a regular vacuum, a little cordless hand-vac for cheerio spills, and a corded hand vac for the stairs. I love that this vacuum does the stairs – would love to win this!
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    momkaboodle at

  101. Andrea Padgett says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I like that the vacuum goes from cerpet to hardwood easily, has a long cord, and a 7 year warranty.

  102. says

    This looks FANTASTIC! I have 5 active kids & 8 cats. You can imagine how much I vacuum every day! Lol! This is so lightweight that I could easily do the stairs too!

  103. Ardiss Jean says

    oh my goodness what a treat that vacuum would be, I have a cheapo vacuum that is so loud my boys cry when it turns on! I love the 7 Year warranty and Tune ups!!! Sounds like this might have been created specifically for my family!!! Plus both my toddlers (almost 2 & almost 4) love to help with the chores so being light weight is an awesome bonus!

  104. Jbfoster4 says

    What a great vacuum – truly need one now! Especially for spring cleaning! =-) I learned that the two speed Quickswitch™enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile. I love that I won’t have to switch to a broom while cleaning my hardwood and tile floors!

  105. Glynna says

    There are so many things to LOVE about the Magnesium. I love that it is only 7lbs and so maneuverable. The thing that really caught my eye is the “dirty air system.” It sounds like it might actually suck the dirt out of the carpet and not just stir it up. Living in a parsonage, who knows how long this carpet has been here. I don’t want to know. I just know I dread vacuuming because it just makes lots of dust and smells bad.

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