8 Great Books To Read Your Little Ones

We are refilling the book basket and have some great new stories to share that are just perfect for your littlest readers. Don't miss these favorites for your kids!

I'm always on the hunt for meaningful, entertaining books that teach my little ones about God! I thought I'd share a few of my own today! I'd love to hear yours in the comments!

  • I have to recommend "Little Visits With God." My mom read us these precious little stories growing up. They do address some serious topics (death, stealing, etc.) so use discernment in picking which stories to read your kids. But the lessons taught are invaluable! A classic for sure.
  • Egermeier's Bible Story Book - we got this one with our Sonlight Homeschool curriculum, and this year it has been perfect as a daily reading with my five and seven-year-olds. It's a much more detailed storybook than many other children's ones, which I like!
  • Just In Case You Ever Wonder - get the tissues out for this Max Lucado board book! I love it so very much. Just what you want your kids to know!
  • Ruth Bell Graham's One Wintry Night - technically a Christmas book, but beautifully tells the story of the Gospel from Old to New Testament.
  • George Mueller - When I shared the picture of this old-timey-looking book on my Instagram, it's obvious - it doesn't look like much! But what a terrific, captivating story it tells of a man of God! We loved it so much!
  • Tiny Bear's Bible - This Bible is by the author of the Jesus Storybook Bible, and is a very first Bible for toddlers. I love reading this to my little two-year-old at night!
  • You Are Special - Another Max Lucado - it brings me to tears nearly every time I read it! What a message of our value and worth in the eyes of our Creator.
  • The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe - My husband read this to our boys at night, and then we watched the movie. You can enjoy this story at so many ages, over and over again!

What are some of your favorite children's books that teach positive messages?


Jessica Smartt

Jessica Smartt

Jessica Smartt used to be a librarian and an English teacher, but now she works much harder just being a mom. You can find her blogging at “Smartter” Each Day where she pokes fun at the everyday challenges of motherhood, shares all her delicious allergy-free recipes, and rejoices that God loves her no matter what phobia she’s recently developed. She is blessed to the moon and back with two energetic little boys and a husband who actually never worries.

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