Mom is Crabby... again?


Mom is crabby... again?

Dreadful Sunday morning mistake #1: I chose getting ready BEFORE having my cup of coffee.

You see, we were running just a wee bit late for church. (As usual.) Honestly, it never fails: no matter what time we wake up, we end up scurrying around the house. (Can anyone relate?)

And because my husband is already at the church, getting four kids dressed, fed, brushed, combed, presentable and happy falls to me.  Not that I mind...

But doing all this BEFORE a cup of coffee?  Let’s just say that isn’t a wise choice. Ever. Which leads me to...

Dreadful Sunday morning mistake #2: While backing out of the garage, I announced to my four children, “I just want everyone to know that I did NOT have my coffee this morning.”

Yes, on this particular Sunday morning, after we had all finally made it into the car (a BIG accomplishment, and I know you understand this 100%), I declared my disgruntlement and displeasure.

My 10, 8, 6 and 4-year-old did not have to guess: 

Mom is Crabby ... again !

Really, we should have been singing a song of victory that we were actually IN the car, backing out of the garage and on our way.  But no.  I had to announce my annoyance to the world.

Thankfully, I hadn’t acted too ridiculously that morning, and my proclamation (and to be fair, my subsequent apology) was greeted with grins and chuckles as if to say, “Oh Mom, that’s okay.” They loved me in my weakness, and I am grateful.

But what is the deal with the crabby attitude?

Obviously, I am NOT talking about my children’s attitude; I am talking about my own!

I know you understand. The reason I know you understand is because every time we talk about crabbiness or anger here, you respond. So I wonder...

What is it that is making us so downcast? Why are we so angry? Why do we unleash our attitudes on our children? And - most importantly - how can we change?

I would LOVE to get this conversation started because we are planning a series to address this very topic. What are your thoughts friends? Do you struggle with anger and crabbiness? 

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