5 Ways for Kids to Share their Faith at School


At dinner tonight, our family had a discussion about the opportunities we have had in the past to share our faith in public school.  Interestingly enough, our children added to my ideas, which I just loved.  So today we're sharing a part of our list:

1. Daddy went on a mission trip and we took in our souvenirs to school for show and tell.  We talked about the severe poverty of the country of Malawi and what the orphanage is like there.  One of the school children asked "Why did your dad go there in the first place?" and we were able to answer, "To share Jesus' love with them."

2. The Vacation Bible School at our church is a huge community event.  The children wear their T-shirts, which have Bible verses on them, to school.    The shirts often bring up questions like "What does that mean?" and they are able to share what they learned about the verse from VBS.

3. My oldest son talked about writing in his daily journal at school and how many times he writes about God.  Much of the time, journals are only read by the student or teacher, but occasionally the request is made to share with the class what is written in your journal- his opportunity to talk about God and the Bible.

4. My youngest son mentioned a toy that he took in for show and tell and how there was a Bible verse on the toy. His first grade explanation of both the stuffed animal and the verse was stellar!

5. When our children are involved in a musical or children's choir program at church, then we send invitations to the teachers, as well as students, to attend the event.

No matter where you attend school, there are community opportunities for you to share your faith.  Through your intentionality as a parent, your children will see your faith lived out and shared. Be the example they can follow in this area!

We would love for you to answer this question in the comments below:

What ways have you found to appropriately share your faith at school?

-Rachel, RachelWojo.com

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