Fracture the Status Quo {A Review}


I have an issue with follow-through sometimes. I’m not sure if it’s this way with you, but sometimes I have a hard time with pictures making it into picture frames and then making onto their rightful space on a wall in our home. It’s a simple thing- getting pictures onto the wall, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel so simple.

All a person really needs to do is order a print, pick up the print (or open their door to open a package with the print) and then buy a frame, put the picture in the frame and then hang it on the wall. This is the status quo and it’s not that hard.

But my story often ends up with me collecting coupons for frames at the craft store that end up collecting more dust than savings. Or I might hit up a garage sale to gather up some old frames for a quarter only to later realize that these frames are either coming apart at the corners or all look like something a graduation certificate goes in rather than a treasured photo.

The status quo is a bit of a challenge for me in this area. That’s just my confession. Another confession is that I’ve always been one to appreciate companies that break through the norm and offer something new. 

Enter Fracture.

Fracture offers a more seamless and simple process to getting photos from your camera to your wall. The fracture website is easy to maneuver and self-explanatory.

I’m a fan of big buttons with clear instructions. For this reason, I’m giving Fracture an A+ for ease of use on their website. You can click the blue button in the center of the screen to upload photos from your computer or, as depicted in the image, you can upload from Instagram or Facebook. 

When I thought about which picture I would like to preserve I quickly knew which one I had to order. My dad mentioned a few months ago that he wanted a large print of the 2014 Christmas card photo. That photo will live as the best Christmas card photo for a long time. I’m not sure we have ever taken a photo that better shows the personalities of my four kiddos. I selected that photo in a larger size and then a couple smaller ones. 

The package arrived promptly and everything inside was safely buckled in with some thin plastic safety belts.

My son joined me in looking through the package. One of my other favorite pictures of all time is this one below.

After church one day, I received a text from the Sunday school teacher. She said she didn’t ask him to help and this wasn’t a staged photo, but my son just found this girl and helped her put on her shoes. I melted into a puddle of sweet, sticky love over the fact that my little boy would help this girl and actually guide her foot into the shoe. I wanted to preserve this picture so we could always look at it and remember to take time and serve others.

I also got a picture of my kids walking out on Lake Superior for the first time which happened on last year’s family vacation. I love their silhouettes and the wonder within their postures. 

My son helped me follow the VERY EASY to find and follow instructions. Every fracture even comes with a screw! The process is foolproof!

If you turn your fracture over, this is what you will find.

If you turn your fracture over, this is what you will find.

We put up the pictures on the wall. Each photo fit perfectly next to quotes that matched the picture’s sentiment. 

I am saving this one for my dad. I just love this picture. I can’t wait to see where he ends up putting it in their house

I hope you can try Fracture soon. Their product is unique, simple, and makes a wall look beautiful and personalized. Next time I do one, I want to design some fun quotes or something black and white, or a picture of some fabric like the guy in the video…

Considering all the fun options,

Lindsey Feldpausch :)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are %100 my own.

Lindsey Feldpausch

Lindsey Feldpausch is a sinner saved by grace who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her worship leader/youth pastor husband and four delightful kiddos fill life with unbelievably amusing quotes and sweet snuggles. She enjoys Christian rap music, mangoes, and Tim Hawkins. She celebrates not burning dinner. She thinks God is awesome and that the best adventure starts with saying yes to that still, small voice.

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A Prayer Triad: Just What You Need

Do you need prayer? The answer is a resounding "yes" for us all, but maybe you could use consistent community and prayer warriors in your life. You need a triad!

There are good speakers, and there are change-your-life speakers. Recently I heard one of the latter. This woman bravely shared her story of being brought out of her life-threatening eating disorder and crippling fears, and by the time she was done, I knew I had to talk to her. 

It’s amazing how openness breeds openness, is it not? Even though our issues weren’t necessarily related, I felt like she could help me. Through tears, I shared my some of my own story.

The first thing out of her mouth was, “Do you have someone in your life who knows your struggles?” Well, yes… “Do you have people you regularly come to for accountability?” Um…gulp.

“You need a prayer triad,” she said. “I’m challenging you to find one.”

I knew she was right. 

I was tired of living alone in my fear, alone in my struggles, and alone in my fight to live the way the Lord was calling me to live. I needed real friends, regularly speaking truth into my life.

In the next few days I contacted a friend I’ve known for years, who I trust, and asked if she was interested? She was!

We invited another mutual friend, and our triad was born. 

In the last few months, we have met regularly every other week, not just to “chat,” but to talk openly about the REAL stuff in our lives. We answer questions like:

  • How is your marriage?
  • Have you been spending time with the Lord?
  • How do you feel God calling you to live differently?
  • What do you want us to hold you accountable to?

I feel grateful that God put these two women on my mind, because they have some essential characteristics of great prayer triad partners:

  • They are not self-centered. (They can concentrate on someone else’s problems!)
  • They are honest about their own weaknesses.
  • They are dependable to meet regularly.
  • They care about me.
  • They’re not perfect, but they know God’s Word and want to live according to his will.

I’m not going to lie. It felt brave to ask these friends. (What if they say no? What if it doesn’t go well?)

ANSWERING these questions helped me realize it was worth it. (They may say no…so ask someone else. If it doesn’t go well, you try again! It’s worth the risk.)

Is a prayer triad something you need right now?

This month In my Facebook group Purposeful Women, we are exploring how to start one, and what it practically looks like when a prayer triad meets. Join us! My triad has been such a gift to me - I wish I would have done it sooner!

Have you ever been a part of a prayer triad? 

Jessica Smartt

Jessica Smartt used to be a librarian and an English teacher, but now she works much harder just being a mom. You can find her blogging at “Smartter” Each Day where she pokes fun at the everyday challenges of motherhood, shares all her delicious allergy-free recipes, and rejoices that God loves her no matter what phobia she’s recently developed. She is blessed to the moon and back with two energetic little boys and a husband who actually never worries.

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Garlic Lemon Roast Chicken

Garlic Lemon Roast Chicken

Flavorful no-fuss dinners are a great way to get a healthy meal on the table during busy weeknights, which is why they regularly appear in my weekly meal plans

This simply delicious roast chicken is a perfect example of a healthy no-fuss meal. It tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen, but the truth is, it takes just minutes to prep and is ready to serve in 30 minutes!

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