When obedience to God includes running shoes and weights

It was the last session of the fall Bible study. God and I had been wrestling with a few things for the past couple months and while I kept saying, “I’ll be obedient to where God guides”, I really had made my mind up. However, that week’s homework had me in Nehemiah. Both Ezra and Nehemiah made lasting impacts on the lives of God’s people. It stirred something in my heart, but not enough to make any big changes. This quote in the last chapter of the Bible study stood out to me though:

“You cannot experience personal revival in your relationship with Jesus Christ and do nothing! If you truly have awaked, opened your eyes, tended your heart, bent your knees, and said yes, then it naturally follow that you must move your feet!” I Saw the Lord, p. 155

When Obedience to God Includes Running Shoes and Weights : The Better Mom

Anne Graham Lotz was tying up the chapter we had read for the week, “Move Your Feet!” from the book, “I saw the Lord” during our last DVD session. You know the typical courtroom scene when the closing arguments are being displayed…well, that’s what I feel like God was doing with this DVD. He was giving me His closing arguments–and man–was He good!

» “PAY ATTENTION: What need has grabbed your heart?”

Burden is the first step to vision. Step through the open door.

“Well, God, I know you’ve given me a passion and desire to help women with their health, but there’s no way you mean this for RIGHT NOW! Those women that open their hearts about eating disorders, food addictions, and exhaustion -I’m sure they would tell that to anyone. And those open doors you’ve been swinging open in front of me over the last 2 months–I’m sure it’s just coincidence.”

» “PUT on the clothes for the call. How has God equipped you to serve Him?”

When it gets hard, doesn’t mean I’m not in God’s will. Don’t look at what you had before He calls you to do it. Obey with the smallest thing.

“The 7 years of teaching aerobics and pilates were certainly convenient, along with the many years before that of unofficial training of many friends. But now–a blog? I have no idea how to do a blog! I mean, I love Facebook and all–but seriously–a blog? Did you forget that I have an 18 month old and a 4 year old?”

» “Putting your faith into practice”

What does God want to accomplish through you? Obedience unlocks heaven. HE equips you.

*tears* Uncontrollable. OK, God. I get it. I will walk forward in obedience and faith, but let it be known–I’M SCARED TO DEATH!


A copy of my notes from that session.


This was my experience in the fall of 2010 as God was preparing my heart to open up my blog, Peak313. Never did I think that walking in obedience and leaving an impact on those in my generation  would have included running shoes and weights! God took a passion, burden, and talent of mine and has used it to bring glory to His name and good to His people. I’ve found that many women–and especially young mamas–struggle with their health and not just in context of losing weight, getting rid of muffin-top, and making time for exercise, but also how to work that into every day life while keeping an eternal perspective. It is an honor each day to help women live in GRACE and not GUILT in regards to their health—something I can only do via the Spirit of the Lord!

My blog has been such a ride in my faith and I’m convinced that He gave it to me not only to use my gifts for those who may need encouraged, but also to take me deeper into my walk with Him! So when God was ending that Bible study saying, “Move your feet!”, little did I know that it was the beginning of a long race ahead! To Him be the glory!


Clare, Peak313.com

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  1. Jaime McLeod says

    Thanks for this post Clare! I love reading your posts and learning new exercises from you! This post has hit home with me today because I feel God leading me to lead my teenage daughters and their friends in the Good Morning Girls Bible Study. I have since tried to find someone else from my church to do it but no one is interested at all. Then it hit me, God wants me to do it. I have felt not smart enough or good enough to do it but as I’m doing the “You are Loved” bible study right now, I know if God has put this on my heart than He will equip me to do it. So my prayer is for God to send me 10 teenage girls to start the Fall Good Morning Girls Bible study. I had a rough teenage life and no one that cared to talk to so I want to help other teenagers because I know how hard teenage life can be.

    • says

      Jaime: LOVE this! Girl, go for it. God has put that passion on your heart and has opened this time in your life for it! Press on with confidence!!


  2. says

    This is kind of crazy timing (or God, really)… I too loved Get in Shape Girl and Mousercize growing up as a young Midwestern girl; I too teach fitness classes but want to share more with women about body image and the way God created each of us uniquely; and, I too finally succumbed to that nudge from God to start a blog last week (albeit having no idea what I’m doing!) and have a four year old and one year old as well (I know yours are older now). Thank you Peak 313 for being an inspiration! If you have any tips or suggestions, I’d love to hear them sometime! Thanks for all you do! Love it!

  3. Kori Leavers says

    Someone just sent me a link to the blog and I couldn’t relate more!
    I’ve been a fitness instructor for 10 years and feel the same way you did. My heart is burdened for women (and men) to wake up and see how neglecting physical health can really stunt our spiritual growth.
    I have been shaped and equipped to serve God and help others improve their health and fitness. Do you know what I’ve done? Almost nothing! Besides instruct a few weeks of classes at my church, all I’ve done is talk about my desire and burden, and I do a lot of talking.
    Not only do I feel like serving my church family with fitness is needful, but how cool would it be to draw in the local lost people and share Gods word with them!
    Ugh your blog post hit home with me for sure. I have to stop talking about wanting to do this and start doing something.
    After all the best way to worship God is to use our time, talents, and treasures for Him.
    I have followed your posts through Facebook but had no idea of how you got started. Thanks so much for this post. It gives me encouragement to do the same and reach my community and beyond as I have been equipped to do.

  4. says

    I’m SO glad you you took this leap of faith and began blogging!!! God is doing SO much through you! Keep on running and writing. You are an inspiration to me!
    Lots of Love,

  5. Shonda says

    I am so thankful for your ministry online. Whenever I need a boost I go to your blog. Your stories, videos and variety of topics you address are relevant and needed. Thanks!!


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