5 Things I Learned from Writing ‘Moms’ Night Out’ (Plus a Giveaway)


Do you have a dream that you don’t dwell on long because the idea of it coming true seems so unattainable? I’ve had a dream like that. It’s seeing one of my novels make it to the big screen, and on May 9th that’ll be happening!

Well, to clarify, I wrote the novelization of Moms’ Night Out. That means they sent me an “almost complete” copy of the movie, and I wrote a novel from it. Yet even though I didn’t come up with the concept, there so much of “me” in this book. And more that what I gave to the project, I’m blessed by what I was given, too.

Moms Night Out Novel PK

Here are 5 Things I Learned from Writing Moms’ Night Out

  1. Sometimes God gives you the desires of your heart even when they don’t look like what you think they do. Writing this book made me feel special. It’s as if God knew how much I’d love this project, and He honored me with it. He showed me He knows my heart even better than I do. He knew what would bring me great joy.
  2. Sometimes God uses past struggles to encourage people we’ll never meet. The main characters of Moms’ Night Out are a teen mom, a ministry mom, and an overwhelmed mom. I’ve been all three! How crazy that I was able to share the struggles and journeys of each of these characters, mainly because they were my story, too.
  3. Sometimes fictional stories hit our hearts deep. I’m not too proud to admit that I cried in this movie a number of times. Yes, it’s a comedy, but there are also heart messages that hit deep. The most important one is, “Mom, you are enough.” I’m getting teared up just thinking about it.
  4. Sometimes you think a project is about one thing, but it’s actually about something else. Yes, I loved working on this book, but the new friends I’ve made along the way are amazing! Because of working on this project I’ve found heart-friends that I won’t trade for anything. (I’m pointing at YOU, Kerri Pomarolli!) I’ve often found that the people I get to work with are a bonus beyond the projects! Have you found the same?
  5. Sometimes moms need a break . . . and they just need someone to get the ball rolling for the fun to start. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve just gone out with mom-friends. After watching this movie, I realized I needed to do this more. I might have gone a little over the top because I’ve rented a whole theater for my girlfriends to watch Moms’ Night Out with me. (A little over the top.) All I can say is that it’ll be great to be surrounded by 148 dear ladies (and a few brave gentlemen). And no popcorn fights, please!

What about you? Do you need time out with friends? I highly recommend Moms’ Night Out, to be released on May 9.

Also, friend, don’t be afraid to talk to God about the desires of your heart. Yes, there are some things that seem over-the-top, but I’m discover a God who loves to bless His daughters. Turn to Him with your desires and see what HE can do!

Leave a comment below and tell me about what you’d like to do during a time out with your mom-friends, and I’ll give one person a copy of my new book, Moms’ Night Out!


Tricia Goyer, TriciaGoyer.com

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  1. Su Ann says

    This as pathetic as it is honest–I would just like to have a friend to do “mom’s night out”. I do not.–still praying and waiting and hoping for a friend(that I can trust). If I was going on a mom’s night out, I would like to walk a trail and get coffee maybe. Thank you.

    • MrsCollins says

      Su Ann, you are NOT alone in your loneliness! After college my girlfriends spread across the country and we keep up over Facebook, but we never talk anymore. IT has been almost 10 years since graduation and moving apart and I JUST found a new friend with whom I can truly be open. The Lord will provide, lean on Him!

    • Katrina says

      NOT pathetic – I’m in the same place as far as not having any girlfriends to hang out with. Too many moves, too many times of having to start all over with meeting people. I’ll pray right now for you, that the Lord would bring the perfect friend into your life, but also that you will not be discouraged during this waiting.

  2. Lynleigh B says

    I would love to have an Olive Garden night with my mom friends! Most of them love it as much as I do , but our husband’s don’t.

  3. Jackie DeLeon says

    If I were to do a mom’s “night” out, I would probably most enjoy spa time. Just spending time doing nothing while people take care of me for a change!

  4. Jodi Howell says

    I would love to go and just hang out with some Lady friends. Due to our trials the last few years I haven’t been a good friend and have let many friends fall by the way side. It would be great to reconnect and start hanging out again. I miss it terribly. Of course a good movie never hurts.

  5. Courtney says

    I would love the chance to go out with a few other moms and be able to have dinner without having to worry about what to order for everyone else and just be able to relax for a few hours.

  6. Amy says

    My favorite mom time is just sitting around talking, laughing, crying. Girls Night out is something I look forward to always. Love the time with my Girls!!!!

  7. Katrina says

    Just being able to hang out – coffee and dessert would be great – even just out on the back deck would be wonderful.

  8. sunnymolls says

    I think a spa-night would be awesome! Gourmet sandwiches, massages, pampering…in reality I’d love a good gab session and walk around the park. The time and people getting together would be so worth it!

  9. lisa howie says

    I’ve already got some “mom” friends in mind to see the movie with. Thanks for the giveaway of the book!

  10. Maphelia Odette Hannah says

    Praise God for you! I was already wanting to see the movie because the previews made me laugh. Now that I know that YOU had a part in it, I am excited to see it. Thank you for sharing your life with me. Your transparency helps me to see what God says so that I can do it, too.

  11. Crystal Davenport says

    Thanks Tricia!!! I would like to just be able to go out with a couple of friends to a relaxing dinner and not worry about getting home at a certain time to worry with my husband and kids….of course we all know that will not happen, but its good to dream.

  12. Shelly Roy says

    Tricia, I would love to read your novelization of this film. I am much more a reader than a watcher! :)
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  13. Stephanie says

    This would be a great outing for my WBS group or my friends from college.

    I have been looking at the website what a fun movie. And so neat that God used you for his purposes.

  14. Angela Billups Smith says

    I cherish my mom-friends so I have invited them to come & laugh with me! They know me as “the motherhood cheerleader” & are discovering how much better mothers we are when we love on & grow together!! So far I have 30 ladies going to the movie with me on May 10th!!

  15. Cristina.m says

    Yeah, I don’t have too many moms nights out either, I almost feel guilty when I do. I’d love to go out for a nice meal or maybe get a mani/pedi together and just relax. I’m actually treating a mom friend to a pedicure tomorrow morning and I’m really looking forward to it! Can’t wait to watch the movie!

  16. Brooke says

    I don’t have a lot of mom’s nights out, but it would be nice to just get together with no kids and visit (with maybe a little venting involved). It seems when I do get together with friends, we go to movies or do something that doesn’t require a lot of talking. I would just like to visit once!!! =) Thanks for this opportunity!!

  17. Robyn says

    I really need to have more mom’s night out. The time spent with women is really a great way to recharge our batteries. I love coffee shops to have these nights out at.

  18. Holly Marie Ford says

    If I were to have a Mom’s night out it would be filled with fellowship and a time of relaxation!!! Like out to eat, a spa trip, and shopping! Or even something fun like bowling… K don’t think I’ve ever had a Mom’s night out before…I’ve had dates with Hubby, Family adventures, Women’s Ministry Events, and Youth Group things….but no Mom’s night/day out! Does meeting people in the nursery count?! I officially think it’s M*U*C*H* Needed!!!! (As a wife, mother of two toddlers, Pastor’s wife, Youth Group leader, and stay-at-home-mom) Looks like some planning is in the making!!!

  19. Sarah Shore Leonard says

    Love this! I could really use a mom’s night out right about now. I would love to go and get a pedicure with a few close friends and then follow that up with brunch at a wonderful little French bakery. Face time with friends, good conversation, encouragement, coffee (lots of it!) all sound wonderful!

  20. Becky Bowman says

    I will definitely be hitting this movie (in the theaters, for once!) and going with a couple of my mommy friends. My next mommy night out is actually going to be an early morning and a day-trip to the beach with one of my close friends. A much needed quiet time with a book and without my phone or wifi.

  21. Katie says

    o my soul! I’m not a momma *yet* (by God’s grace, though, I want to be one someday…I really really want babies!!!!) but I would SSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love a copy of this book! I was excited to see the movie advertized in the last Family Christian Magazine we got at home! It’s so neat that a contributer to one of my favorite blogs wrote the novelization for it! : :)

  22. Cheryl Baranski says

    Moms night out is not something that I would normally do. It makes me feel guilty.
    I did have a few hours several months ago with a couple of friends and we did scrapbooking.
    Love your books Tricia!

  23. Deborah Morey says

    I’d love to go with my mom-friend to a live performance. I love theater and don’t think I can ever go enough. Like so many others though, I feel guilty about leaving my family and leaving my husband to take care of “my job” after he has worked hard all day.

  24. Kelly says

    Can’t wait to see the movie, it will hopefully be a chance for a mom’s night out with dinner afterwards!

  25. Debbie says

    I’d just like to hangout and talk over a nice meal somewhere while not worrying about our kids or what time we need to get home!!

  26. Jamie Lantron says

    I just want a night to sit with friends while having a glass of wine and chatting about everything.

  27. Heather P says

    I like to get with friends and talk. Just spend time together. Don’t always get a night away.

  28. Emmie says

    I would love to go out for coffee and/or ice cream and just talk. I love to just sit and talk with my friends.

  29. Tanya Howard says

    I like to go to revival services or special christian speakers with other moms. I enjoy coming home afterwards and just feel so relaxed in the Lord that I can share the love of God with my family.

  30. Brandy says

    A nice dinner, a chance to slow down, and enjoy the company of beautiful women and their hearts!

  31. Becky Salter says

    I’m actually organizing a “Mom’s Night Out” for “Mom’s Night Out” on the evening of the 9th. :) After the movie we’re heading to a local cafe for dessert.

  32. nica says

    I used to have MNO’s , when out of desperation for mommy friends during my son’s younger years I created a playgroup. Those days have long passed and those friends have married and moved. I am still a single mom and with my son being older I was getting a lot more freedom and we share interests, so I didn’t notice that I had no more mommy friends. This is until God sent me a forever dd! Now I have zero time for me and zero time for friends. Parenting alone has never been so heart breakingly difficult, yet this season has taught me to lean in to The Father harder than ever before. It is glorious! A MNO is much needed, and hopefully this Mother’s day I will get one. It will look like my mom and I having lunch and watching this movie. It look hilarious! Movies, laughs, good food and good company is all I need.

  33. says

    My friends and I are definitely going to watch this movie!! We usually just like to hang out for dessert and chat after the kids go to bed. I’d love to win the book.

  34. Wani says

    We have a group of gals we call the Moonlight Girls. We get together after the kids are tucked in on the occasional Friday night and craft together. Sometime we work on individual crafts, sometimes we do projects together… sometimes we just hang out and visit. But we always have a few laughs and leave feeling refreshed!

  35. Amber says

    I would love the chance to eat something yummy and sugary with my friends and then share prayer requests and even get to pray together. Going to see the movie on Thurs, but this “dream” mom’s night out hopefully will be a reality this summer sometime!

  36. Carrie Palmer says

    My mom friends and I have been planning a mom’s night out to watch the movie ever since we heard about it! I cannot wait! We’ve known each other for a while but this will be our first time going out together without the kids. I’d like to spend mommy time with them more often, maybe over a meal or coffee and just chat – or doing a Bible study/book club together would be awesome!

  37. DA Schuhow says

    I would love an overnight Jammie party with some women who “get me”, and laugh all night!

  38. hsmominmo says

    The perfect day out with my best friend is a long, leisurely lunch at a quiet coffee shop, catching up on life, family, faith and everything in between. We just made plans to see Mom’s Night Out on opening night! So excited to hear you’ve written the novel, Tricia :)

  39. Erica {let why lead} says

    Congratulations! I don’t even know what I’d do with my mom friends WITHOUT kids, but I’m gonna say just sit in someone’s house and talk. Dessert would be a important bonus. :)

  40. Debbie C says

    When we do get together — rare as it is — we go out to eat and we LAUGH! We are great at that! It helps us let go of so much tension and we have so much fun. It’s like we are teenagers again. We laugh all night from the time we get together until we leave each other. When we have couples night, the husbands just don’t get the forever giggling! So, it’s ladies night and the laughter continues!

  41. NicLowe says

    Since mommy friends understand that sometimes you can’t get out until the kids are down, AND the rest of society things 9pm (unless you are college age…) is NOT the time to start a night out. I’d love to sit down at a nice wine bar, that’s no too loud and has comfortable clean lounge chairs. Or maybe make that on a roof top sipping wine as the sun is setting and it’s maybe 80 (and the humidity is playing nice).

  42. Kendra says

    Definitely looking forward to watching the movie! Hoping to take my mom and mother-in-law to it this weekend. Something I would love to do for a night out would be to go to a Broadway play and out to eat! Nights out with friends are always a great thing! :)

  43. Tiffany DeOs says

    I would love to go out to eat and then sit at a coffee shop and just relax. Of course I’d have my knitting close at hand. :)

  44. Leigh says

    I just love to go out to eat and TALK with my friends. And have chocolate. Because that’s pretty much a non-negotiable. Looking forward to seeing this movie!

  45. Bonnie Walker says

    Today I had a spa day at a local beauty school with my mom and sisters. It was one of the best days ever with them. Also stopped for scones and coffee at a little neighborhood shop. Of course we talked mostly about kids. Can’t wait to do that again.

  46. says

    I am totally utterly IN LOVE with this movie. I didn’t know it was also in book form. I’m going to have to snag it. I did a lot of laughing and crying through this movie too. (My review is on my blog.) I just mentioned in another one of my blog posts that I’m counting down until it comes out on DVD.

    You’re so right that God will prepare you for his goals and vision for your life. Like some of the other people who have committed I don’t have any close friends close by. I miss that friendship where you can just hang out and be yourself and enjoy each other’s company.


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