107 Ways to Save Your Family Money – BIG TIME!


 Most of us are forever on the look-out for additional ways to save our family money.  Here are over 107 ways to save your family money – BIG time!

Included in this list is everything from saving money on diapers, alternatives to traditional health insurance, 25 healthy foods for under one dollar, and so much more! Just click on the links below to find hundreds of dollars in additional savings.


6 Ways to Eat Real Food on a Beans and Rice Budget  www.GrowingUpTriplets.com #budget #realfood

A list of foods that freezes well

dollar tree homeschool

How to Save Money on Kids Shoes

Best Hotel Room Deals On Priceline

What are your favorite tips and tricks to save your family money – BIG time? Share your ideas in the comments below!


Jamerrill Stewart, FreeHomeschoolDeals.com

Image credit: andresr / 123RF Stock Photo

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  1. Deanna Michaels says

    What a great list of posts! Using cash and budgeting has really helped us save money. We cut out our television service, have a grocery budget of $150 a month (cash and menu planning really help stretch it – enough so that I can even make bulk purchases), cooking from scratch, and seldom going out to eat are biggies!

  2. says

    Thanks for all these wonderful information and resources. I will be saving this.

    Also, I save money by having a prepaid cell phone. No cable, no house phone. If you have a Google email you can use their free phone service. Buy and eat lots of beans, rice and cheaper vegetables. I stop using credit cards more than 7 years ago—if I don’t have the money for the item, I just don’t buy it. These are just some of the ways I save.

    Thanks again and peace to all.

    • Jamerrill Stewart says

      Those are great ideas, Elissa! We only use Netflix and are cellphones only as well. Shopping with cash only is my biggest saver. I use to shop with my debit card thinking that it wasn’t a credit card. However I found that I still went over $5-$10 a shopping trip. If I shop once a week that’s over $500 a year in “lost” money. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kelly Hancock says

    What a great list!! Thank you for including us in this article. Can’t wait to share this with my readers. ;)

  4. says

    What a great list! My family and I try to save money as much as possible. I cannot wait to go through this list! Thanks for including our post on how you can save money on diapers

  5. Carissa Pelletier says

    Thanks for including an article from Grown Ups Magazine! I’m enjoying all of the articles listed here and am sharing this post with our readers!

  6. Jennifer Lightfoot Fountain says

    Thanks for sharing my post on 6 Ways to Eat Real Food on a Beans and Rice Budget! This is a fantastic list of resources! Can’t wait to share!!

  7. Shawna says

    This is my new summer reading!!! So many great options to try. Thank you so very much for taking the time to pull all of this together. Excellent resource!
    Shawna @ nottheformerthings.com


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