The Best Things About Bringing up Daughters

The Very Best Thing About Bringing Up Daughters

The call for help came in the middle of the day.

This dear, young mom was clearly in a tough circumstance and needed some help. A small break at the very least. I recognized the desperate tone and told her I’d be over as soon as I could.

But what about all her children? Her four young ones, plus a little baby? Who could stay with them on such short notice while she and I went out to talk it through?

I approached one of our daughters and briefly explained the situation.  She caught on right away and began filling her backpack with fun toys, a princess crown, and party whistles. In a few short minutes she was packed and ready to go.

The children shyly gathered around her when we first arrived, having never been left with a stranger before. They began sharing their names and ages. Then their favorite colors and favorite foods. Then they began pointing over to the park . . . .

My friend and I quietly slipped out and enjoyed a lovely, long afternoon over a cup of tea. Tearful and healing. Returned smiling and hopeful.

It was nearly dark by the time we got back. We found my daughter playing a board game with her children while the baby slept sweetly in her arms.

I had one of those moments. You know, the kind. When you wonder how that could have happened. Wasn’t it just yesterday that this young woman before you was sleeping sweetly in your very own arms?

Some of the Very Best Things About Bringing Up Daughters

Extend your ministry. Together the two (or more) of you can do so much more than you could on your own. Our girls have helped with making meals, childcare, virtual assistance, event-planning, and so much more. It’s like a mini-women’s ministry coming right from your very own home.

Keep you young. Let’s face it, I’d probably be old and frumpy if it wasn’t for them. They keep me updated on what’s happening in the modern world. They keep me from embarrassing myself too badly with behind-the-times technology, clothing, and expressions. And they make me laugh!

Offer wonderful insights. Their fresh eyes and tender hearts often see things that we might have otherwise missed. I increasingly appreciate their sensitive insight and new perspective when faced with a problem or challenging situation.

Become a huge help. Our daughters can even downright spoil us. I’m blessed to have girls who prepare many of the meals each week. One daughter is my tech-assistant and another edits my writing. We all work on the laundry.  Basically, I’d be lost without them. :)

Grow into good friends. This, of course, is the very best part. Who do I go to when I have exciting news? My girls. If I’m sad or upset? My girls. If I’m looking for fun or someone to talk to? My girls.  A daughter can become one of your closest friends.

A mother’s relationship with her daughter is not always easy – I can readily attest to that. Not always simple or straightforward. But it’s a relationship well worth cultivating and cherishing.

Enjoy her, mama. The joys far outweigh the tears. Raising these girls is a beautiful gift from God.

*What are some of your favorite things about your daughter(s)? Challenges you’re facing, or questions? 

Lisa Jacobson, Club31Women

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  1. Rachel Ramey says

    None of my girls are at this point yet. I’m Pinning this post as encouragement for all of the days when I feel like they will never grow out of the same things I keep trying to train out of them year after year.

    • says

      I definitely had days of discouragement, Rachel, when it didn’t seem like we were “getting anywhere” but slowly, over time, they grew…and I grew too. Don’t lose heart! The joys really do outweigh the tears. ~ Lisa

  2. says

    Beautiful words, Ms. Lisa. I am always encouraged by your post. Thank you for sharing this with me today. My daughter is only six, but I try to cultivate a sprite of love and friendship in her every day.

    Growing up I did not have a close relationship with my mother, she is barely 17 years older them I. So I think the bond was never there. However, I am an older mother and I purpose to create a life with my daughter that is one of compassion, friendship, and love.

    Thanks again for your ministry…

    Peace to you.

    • says

      Bless your heart, Elissa! It can be harder to raise our children in a different way than we ourselves were raised, but what a wonderful gift to your girl – to be brought up in a close, loving relationship.

  3. SimplySaidMom says

    Lisa, again wonderful encouragement for us mama’s today! I have 2 daughters that hold a very special place in my heart – not more than the boys, but different. As they grow older and mature our relationship is too. What a beautiful thing God designed when He brought daughters to mothers!

    • says

      Would you believe I burst into (happy) tears when our first daughter was born? I don’t think I realized how much I longed for a girl until she was there in my arms. Yes, it IS a beautiful thing, Shannon!

  4. misslaughslot says

    What wonderful daily words of encouragement! As a woman, mom, and daughter, I always remember that my mother often said, “the one thing I was never taught to expect, is to how much love a daughter will always give.” Awesome article! Check out my site as well at

  5. M. Hawks says

    What an awesome post. My only daughter turned 21 this past December and the night before her birthday, she put her arms around me as i wept tears of love and we talked about how protecting her was becoming increasingly difficult and how I just wanted her to know how proud i am of who she is becoming. About how I appreciate her and love her. It was the best cry ever! She will never wonder how i feel about her and trusting her with my own vulnerability in that moment drew us even closer. Getting to 21 was no picnic some days but we got there none-the less.

    • says

      What a sweet moment that must have been! I can only imagine. I’ve only had to let our oldest son “go” but have not had do that with our daughters – I think it’s going to be much harder. I’m certain I’ll cry as well. Blessings! ~ Lisa

  6. Tanisha says

    Thank you for this lovely post, Lisa. I just had my first daughter 1 week ago via an accidental home birth & she is named after one of the first women who came to faith in Jesus while my husband and I were on our first mission trip to West Africa. Her grand entrance into the world and her namesake have already made for interesting and inspiring stories that I look forward to sharing with her. She has two older brothers and so much sanctification has happened in parenting them, so I can not even imagine what the Lord is going to teach me thru parenting a girl. Be blessed, my sister-in-Christ. I will remember these wise words!!

    • says

      What an amazing story, Tanisha! I spent time in missions in West Africa as well (in Cameroon) and part of my heart stays there. We still have good friends who live and work there too. Won’t it be neat to see what the Lord does in and through your girl?

  7. Lisett says

    Wow! Beautiful post! God has definitely blessed us with 4 precious girls (6 and under)! They are such a joy and help to me. They are so helpful and have the motherly instinct with our baby. It is so sad though, the reaction of some people when I tell them we have all girls…”Ooh poor you!”, “You’re going to try for a boy right?”….like it’s a curse to have girls! I appreciate this post and look forward to all you have mentioned (developing friendships with them and most importantly serving with them). I LOVE my girls!!

    • says

      How precious! Yes, we too had four girls right in a row! :) Admittedly, the emotions can run pretty high at times, but it’s a joy to walk through womanhood with them too.

  8. says

    I write this as I sit at my daughter’s home, visiting for just a few short days. She’s a new mom, and we all know how hard that can be. Both she and her younger sister are now such good friends to my husband and I. What a delight! Your points are spot on. There are certainly many difficult stretches of road, but being the parents of daughters is a tremendous joy!

    • says

      What a blessing! I’m looking forward to those days when I can enjoy our daughters when they’ve become wives and mothers themselves too. Appreciate your testimony and encouragement!

  9. Lisa W. says

    Thank you so much for this article – we are in a similar position and my girls do all these things. I am in ministry and they are so great at being a part of it all, whether it is watching little ones while I’m ministering to the mama, or cooking dinner while I am at worship team practice or standing beside me in church or at a conference. Ministry is definitely a family affair and my girls make it so much easier and enjoyable.

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