How to Measure the Success of Motherhood

 How to Measure the Success of Motherhood

Being a mom day after day, week after week, month after month… is quite the demanding job. We have our moments of joy and tears, as well as strength and fears. We experience highs and lows of which we never dreamed before parenting. Last week I spoke with a group of moms and the conversation stimulated a round of thoughts about success and motherhood.

Have you ever really thought about how to measure the success of motherhood?

No one comes along offering a raise after a stellar meal with no complaints. We don’t receive a bonus for potty training unless we reward ourselves with a few M&M’s. Reaching the next plateau in folded laundry piles returned neatly to the drawers doesn’t deliver the fringe benefit of a company car.

How do we determine how to measure the success of motherhood?

Rewards are delivered in the form of precious smiles and soft snuggles. Payment for services is rendered through hugs and kisses. Bonuses arrive when you hear your child pray for the first time. Or watch her ask Jesus into her heart. Or view his baptism. You see, the success of motherhood cannot be measured by tangible, temporary goods.

Motherhood’s fortune can’t be tallied in dollars and cents nor can the mommy stock plummet overnight. The bond between child and mother can never be sold and the making of memories can never be traded. Compensation often arrives via giggles and laughter. The motto of motherhood life insurance was stolen from the penny- In God We Trust.

The success of motherhood can’t be doled out by paycheck or explained in percentages. The job is ever-changing and the job description is endless; yet the blessings continually outweigh the burdens. The corner office of motherhood looks like a nursery. Or maybe a playroom. Or the dining room. All the most important work happens in that corner office – conversations about life, love and dreams. Investments of higher value than pure gold are transacted while rocking chairs gracefully sway.

So the next time you think about your motherhood paycheck or wonder when you’ll ever make it up the mommy ladder of success, remember that instant gratification is fragile. While you may catch an occasional glimpse of how rich you are on this earth, the full value of motherhood can only be calculated by the almighty God.

Keep investing, Sweet Mama. Our rewards are in Heaven.


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  1. Elissa Philgence says

    Thank you Rachel for this reminder. So many times as mothers we are waiting to be rewarded for all our hard work of being a faithful mothers and when we don’t get rewarded we become angry and frustrated.

    But God rewards those He love at the end of their labors, I don’t want my labor to be in vain.

    May “the Lord repay your work, and a full reward be given you by the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings you have come for refuge.”Ruth 2:12

    Peace to you.

  2. Mary Townsend says

    Hi Rachel! As a mother to three adult children and “Mimi” to three more, this post was pause for reflection. I am a much wiser and more patient Mimi than I was as a young single mother. But even in all my mistakes, my children are the reward in itself to this day. In light of their rocky early years, God has blessed each of them with an array of beauty. To remember where it all began, looking back on the journey with Him and to Him, to continue to look to the future with hope…this is the reward! God bless!

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