Cultivating Joy Through a Simpler Life

Ask another Mom  how she’s doing and the most common answer is: ”I’m just SO busy!”.  We live in a culture that tells us the more activities our children are involved with, the more successful they will be when they grow to be adults.  And it seems millions of parents are buying the lie.

So many Moms (and Dads!) are doing far more than caring for a family.  Family life looks starkly different than it has for the majority of history.  We’ve come to a place where we feel we can never do enough ‘stuff’.  Life itself can already seem like a blur of  everyday responsibilities;  cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, homeschooling or helping with homework, playing with the children, etc.   Beyond that, most families are running an additional weekly marathon of play-dates with friends, church services, multiple church activities, countless extra-curricular activities, and an endless reel of sports involvement.  Every night feels like a checklist of unending tasks and commitments and every weekend is a whirlwind of running here, there, and everywhere.

It’s no wonder exhaustion takes over.  It’s no wonder stress is the overriding emotion for so many Moms.  It’s no wonder millions of Moms are ‘grouchy’ and unable to find peace in their calling.

A hyper-active lifestyle robs us of our joy.

If we are always running, running, running, when do we rest?  When do we reflect on what matters?  When do we spend time around the table praying and seeking God?  When do we just curl up and read together, or gaze out the window and talk of nature’s beauty in the wintry frost?

When can we just breathe?

Cultivating Joy Through a Simpler Life

More is not better, in fact, more is almost always worse.  The busier our children are, the less time they have to focus on the most important things – God, family, people, relationships, learning for themselves, and service.

When we set the example of a slower, simpler life, we are teaching our children how to seek joy in simplicity.  

I believe the only way we can truly center ourselves and focus on what really matters is to slow down.  I’m not suggesting laziness, I’m suggesting intentional simplicity.  Simplicity can still be active and busy (and it will be if you’re a Mom!) but it is minimal.  We minimize what doesn’t really matter to maximize what really DOES.

Cultivating Joy Through a Simpler Life !

As moms we need to slow down and set the example for our entire family.  An over-scheduled, busy, hectic lifestyle is one void of peace because the Prince of Peace has no place in our day.  Or our week.  Maybe even our year.

God doesn’t call us to live a busy life.  He calls us to live a purposeful life.  But not our purposes – His purposes.

And when we walk alongside Him, we are forced to slow down, reflect, serve, and humble ourselves. It is there we find the deepest joy and overflowing peace for ourselves and our children.

Be blessed in the simple things today, Mom!



This post is part of the month-long challenge From Grouchy…To Great.  Please check the series page for all of the posts! 


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  1. Elissa Philgence says

    Hi Cassandra

    Thank you for your insight. You are so right,a simpler lift is a better life. When I had my children I told myself I would never be one of those mom that run around all day. Taking them to every activity known to man–and I don’t.

    However, I use to run with them to the stores, I run with them to the malls, I ran with then to church and I ran circles around them at home doing ‘mommy stuff’. What I am saying is that I was judging people who rush their children to all kinds of activities, but I was doing the same thing in a different way-so I stopped.

    Yes, I simple life is a better life and it does allow one the honor of reflecting on God and family more.

    Thanks again and blessings.

  2. Lindsey Whitney says

    Thanks. I love this post and honestly am trying to get to this place. However, I find that when our family does reach a good schedule, I am suddenly plagued with guilt — I should be busy! How do we combat the guilt or outside pressure to do more?

  3. judeagbayani says

    I love this “God doesn’t call us to live a busy life. He calls us to live a purposeful life. But not our purposes – His purposes.”
    At times we do get caught up in the seemingly important things in life. We need to step back and check if what we are doing is pleasing Him or pleasing ourselves. Thanks for sharing!


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