From Grouchy to Great Verse Cards {printable}

From Grouchy to Great Verse Cards {printable}We want to provide you with tools over this challenge.  One of the best tools we have is that of the Bible.  Again and again we find that going back to Scripture and filling our minds with God’s word is one of the best ways to combat negative thoughts and actions.

We’ve created 9 3×5 cards you can print and maybe carry around in your pocket or place next to the sink.  If you have cardstock they’ll be especially sturdy.

Printable Verse CardsClick the image above or the following link to print the verse cards.

This post is a part of our January 2014 Series

From Grouchy to Great Mom Series


Ruth Schwenk

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  • Brenda Benson

    Thank you so much for these beautiful cards. I just printed them out and they are lovely. Wonderful reminders of God’s promises to us!

  • BeautifulCalling


  • Amy

    this cards are great. I am going to see if a friend will laminate them for me. I have to say. I had a much better day today, than yesterday. My friend, Angie, took me to a movie, Saving Mr Banks. Then bought socks for my two sons that needed them, then treated to pretzels and a soda. Had a wonderful day. I even came home to see that my hubby washed all the floors and vacuumed and the kids straightened the house. Yea I feel blest today

  • Rachel Wojnarowski

    Amen to Scripture cards! Love them!!

  • anita

    thank you – these are GREAT! i am calling them my Gracious cards :)

  • Heather

    Thank you for the beautiful cards! It is my goal to do MORE Scripture memory, this will help!

  • Diane

    Thank you for these cards! Great reminders. :) blessings!

  • Amanda S

    Beautiful card and great verses! What version of the bible are these taken from?

  • Mandy Workman

    Thank you so much for this series! It is first of all encouraging that someone would make a series about being a grouchy mom…that in itself made me feel like I’m not alone or crazy or horrible for having grouchy moments or not feeling filled with joy every single moment of motherhood. I have enjoyed every post. And I’ve pinned them to keep for reminders later down the road :) I just now had a chance to print off the beautiful scripture cards…I’m going to laminate them and hang them up around the house. Thanks again! Blessings!

  • Karen

    Mom of 6 needs prayer. I am feeling very discouraged right now I am facing some very trying times. Going on two years. I walked away with my 6 children from a very abusive marriage of 24 years.

    Never got a divorce. I was in hiding for a while But now my husband wants his family back. He turned Muslim 5 years into our marriage

    Feeling hopeless right now because he transferred his job to our home town. And wanted to live with us but he cannot

    I just felt I was getting stronger and moving forward And now dealing with him.

    I am trying hard to be a mom who protects her children

    It is not easy out here

    Of course my husband sees no reason that I should have left our home. When I gave him over 10 reasons I walked away.

    Feeling hopeless need prayer

    I do not want to go backwards


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