Vintage Hair {How to Do Your Hair in a Sock Bun}

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Recently I was with my friends Karen and Courtney at the Women Living Well Conference and they insisted that I share my “vintage hair” with you. Now I am no expert, but I do have to say that using the “sock bun” method is about the easiest way to have a quick hair-do for all of us busy mamas!

How to do your hair in a sock bun

Me, my sock bun, and my hunk of a hubby spending a few days in our favorite city, Chicago :)

Now, join me below for a quick tutorial on how to do your own sock bun!

Ruth Schwenk Signature

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  • Jessica Parks

    Great instructions!

    • thebettermom

      Thanks Jessica! :)

  • Courtney

    I’m so about to try this!

    • thebettermom

      Go for it Courtney! You will love how easy it is! :)

  • womenlivingwell

    Great job Ruth! I can’t believe it stays without bobby pins – this girl has to pin it or it all slides out! You have great hair chick! Great video!!! :)

    • thebettermom

      Thank you my friend! Have you tried it with the sock bun but first putting it in a ponytail?? It really is amazing how it stays1

  • CW

    Will it work with my extra-long hair?

    • thebettermom

      Yes! I have pretty long (and thick) hair…about down to the middle of my back..and it works great!

  • Holly Lyons Reinhart

    Awesome and so cute! I’ve done this with Adelynn’s hair and love it! Definitely the easiest way to get your hair in a bun!

    • thebettermom

      Thanks Holly! I bet her hair looks adorable like that! :) I should of mentioned in my video that they have the small bun holders for little girls!

  • Elisa Pulliam

    You are too cute!!! Now I have more motivation to stick with this growing out my hair plan!

    • thebettermom

      Ha Elisa! It is sooo worth it when it only takes a few minutes to do your hair! :)

  • katie

    Thanks for sharing.