How to get a perfectly clean and organized home

Do you have one of those friends whose house you go to and everything looks absolutely perfect – every knick knack placed perfectly, every cupboard perfectly organized, every nook and cranny is sparkling clean?

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I had someone comment to me once about how my house was always immaculate. The appearance to her was that I spent hours a day cleaning, organizing and keeping it looking perfect. Well, folks, I hate to burst your bubble – or hers – but that’s SO far from the truth.

The fact is, I HATE cleaning. Yes, I hate it. I don’t like cleaning. I never have liked it. I do it, but I don’t like it.

I love to organize and I don’t like clutter. So often people think that must mean I like to clean. People think I have a perfectly clean and organized home, but that’s not real life. All the pictures we bloggers take of our home projects — that’s staged. If you pointed the camera over about ten feet, you’d see the huge pile of clutter we shoved over so you couldn’t see it in the picture – or we crop it out.

Out of my desperation to have a clean and organized home, especially when my kids were little, I found that cleaning for just 15 minutes a day was enough to keep my house clean. Perfectly clean? No, but clean enough, yes!

How in the world do you have a clean house in just 15 minutes a day??? It’s easy – remember, I’m talking CLEANING, not general picking up after yourself or putting things away.

I broke down my home into days of the week – Monday, dusting; Tuesdays, vacuuming; Wednesdays, cleaning one bathroom; Thursday, cleaning the other bathroom; Fridays, cleaning the kitchen. That’s it! Why is it so simple? Because it IS – I cleaned this way for years in our first home and the kids were little.

If you want a printable for my simple 15 minutes a day schedule, go here.

There IS more to it than just cleaning. You have to get into the habit of teaching your children to clean up after themselves, help you keep your home neat, periodically clean up the clutter, put things away and more. I go into more depth here about that.

In a Pinterest world, it’s easy to get caught up with being discontent with your home’s current condition and just give up. The reality is, there is no perfectly clean and organized home. And when you find one that you think is that way, it’s probably only been that way a few minutes before you arrived to that person’s home.

Having a home that’s warm and welcoming sometimes means we have homes that are not-so perfect. We need to let go of the idea that ever nook and cranny of our homes must be clean or give up – the perfectionist in some of us can really cause the sin of discontent. I urge you today, if you are feeling this way, to stop trying to dream about a perfectly organized and clean home.  Start living, doing a little each day, and serving your family by teaching them the same thing. Have you been feeling like your home isn’t good enough, not clean enough, or not organized enough? What are you going to do today to keep from feeling discontent in this area?

Blessings, Becky B., Organizing Made Fun


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  1. Barbara says

    Hi Becky, Wonderfully encouraging post. Thank you. A friend encouraged me years ago: that if my house was too clean, I wasn’t spending enough time with my family!
    I agree with you on having less clutter and simplifying. It just looks cleaner.

  2. says

    I like to use those little minutes too. So much can be accomplished if you’re consistent. People don’t always notice if the floors need mopping or the furniture needs dusting, but they WILL usually notice if there’s clutter every way! Thanks for hosting today.

  3. Jelli says

    Thanks for the cleaning advice! I try my best to keep the house clutter-free, mostly by purging items we don’t need/love/use, but keeping the floors swept and the toilet paper stocked is sometimes more than I can handle. I’ll have to try your technique this week, Becky.

  4. victoriacreativehomekeeper says

    I also try to stay on top of the cleaning by doing a little each day too. I know that I need to schedule some time to do a real deep clean of the house soon, but since I stay on top of the basics on a weekly basis, my house is always picked up and mostly clean, at least as clean as it cane be with two little ones and a dog! :) Thanks for the cleaning advise!

  5. Stacy says

    You are 100% correct. Cleaning a little bit each day is the only way I don’t get overwhelmed – and it’s also how it stays semi-clean around here. :-) Thanks for hosting!

  6. Deborah Flora says

    I have certain cleaning chores for each day too. And my kiddos have their own as well. There are times it doesn’t get done or times that I dig in and spend a good bit of time cleaning throughout the house, but knowing I clean my bathroom Wednesday or sweep on Friday helps the jobs to get done rather than continuing to put them off! :)

  7. Kate Harden says


    “the perfectionist in some of us can really cause the sin of discontent.”

    Oh, yes. Lord, help us to be fruitful and effective in our homes – not idealistic crazy.

    Kind Blessings,
    Kate :)

  8. says

    I love the breakdown Becky, it is useful for me, having three young active boys, thanks a lot for sharing.
    And thanks a lot for hosting us again Ruth.
    Do have a super blessed day!

  9. Catt says

    We need to let go of the idea that ever nook and cranny of our homes must be clean

    I’ve learned this since my son was born. Pre-baby, I used to clean for hours before company came over because I felt like the house needed to look immaculate before anyone came over. After my son was born, I realized it just wasn’t necessary, and I was throwing myself into such a tizzy by my cleaning frenzy that I was usually exhausted and flustered by the time company got there and wasn’t able to enjoy the visit. Now I just do a light straightening and depending on the condition of the carpet, vacuum, and that’s that. It makes it much easier to entertain, and I have noticed my friends feel more relaxed, too, because the next time I come to their house, they don’t feel the need to compete with my fake immaculately clean house.

  10. says

    This is perfect for my family. When I go back to teaching neither my husband or I ‘like’ cleaning and end up having to spend our Saturday cleaning the mess. This will be great to keep us clean!

  11. nmhutchison says

    I love this post! I did a pretty deep clean last week because we were expecting company (pathetic, I know) and I’m also “nesting” per se getting ready for Baby K to arrive in December. I started cleaning the windows and baseboards (yuck!) in the living room and now I’m off to the bedrooms. Since it’s Tuesday, I’m using your advice and vacuuming today. This is such an easy, manageable way to keep the house under control for someone who absolutely LOATHES house work and chores and to-do lists!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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