Five Ways to Help Your Family Memorize God’s Word


“I have stored up Your Word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” ~Psalm 119:11

Memorizing Scripture is something we value–
We know it is commanded.
We know how much it helps.
We know how often God calls to mind a particular passage at a much needed moment.

Here are five suggestions for helping your family memorize God’s Word (from our family to yours)…

1.)  Choose verses that are key (and sometimes less is more).
When our children were very little, we memorized foundation verses
“Foundation Verses are strategically chosen Bible verses for children preschool through age five. The pack includes short verses with picture prompts to help non-readers remember the passage.”
75 verses total.
One verse per week.
Often adding hand motions to go along with the words.
The whole family focusing on the same verse.

Foundation VersesFoundation verses 2

2.)  Which leads to– as a family, focus on the same verse or passage.
There was a time, when we had to decide, as parents, that we wanted our family to focus on one-same-verse-per-week together.
The reality was that with four children involved in multiple settings and classes, and each class asking us to help each child memorize a weekly verse, we were looking at close to 20 different verses per week that we could-should-be-helping them memorize.
And it felt overwhelming.
And we weren’t effectively memorizing any of the verses, let alone all of them.
So, we explained our decision to the various teachers/leaders and found them all to be very supportive.  It was amazing the difference it made to have one passage to focus on together as a family.
And the next year, our school decided to have one-family-verse per week instead of each teacher choosing a verse per grade.

3.) Surround your family visually with God’s Word…especially the verse you are currently working on.
We use whiteboards, frames with glass & no backing, old tile remnants or glass squares from my husband’s construction jobs, and blank business cards to help make our current verse visual.  I usually have the verse memorized by the time I’m finished writing it in all our different “spots”.

verse 2 verse1 verse3 verse4 verse6
4.) Use Music.
We still listen to the Seeds Family Worship Collection.  Often.
There is just something about putting God’s Word (or really almost anything) to music that makes it easier to remember.
And if you can’t find music to the verses you are trying to memorize, make up your own melody or use one your children are already familiar with, but switch out the words for a verse.  The melody of Edelweiss (think…Sound of Music) works well.
I maybe can’t recite all of Psalm 103, but I can still sing it to you…and when God knows I need those words, they are still deeply hidden in my heart.

5.) As a family, discuss the reasons for memorizing God’s Word.
It helps so much to understand the value of hiding God’s Word in your heart.  There are so many verses that point to how much God wants us to memorize.
We can pray and ask Him to help us!

“You shall teach them to your children,
talking of them when you are sitting in your house,
and when you are walking by the way,
and when you lie down,
and when you rise.
You shall write them on the doorposts of your house
and on your gates…”
~Deuteronomy 11:19 and 20

What has helped your family commit to memorizing God’s Word?
We’d love to hear your suggestions or ideas in the comments

Kara @ The Chuppies


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    • says

      Thanks Amy :)
      Even just taking and old frame, removing the photo, putting some kind of not-busy-paper behind the glass and then using dry erase on the glass works well.
      I know…I’m the same way…I get excited about wipe-off-surfaces :)
      We have this incredible odds-and-ends-recycle-materials store here in Portland and last time I went, I brought home stacks of random tile to make into boards :)

  1. WiffytoJ says

    Great ideas! The extra writing of the verses would be helpful to me. I’ve been amazed at how the Holy Spirit can enable even someone like me to memorize scripture without a huge struggle. We’ve been using the Simply Charlotte Mason idea of the card file and reviewing them daily, weekly, monthly. It has not only helped us in memorizing some lengthy passages of scripture but it has also helped us to review and still remember what we’ve already memorized. Exciting! :)

    • says

      I hope you enjoy them :)
      We had several families that went through them together in those early years with little ones. It was fun that our little ones were learning the same verses.
      They are short, simple, and I still come back to those verses often.

  2. Lisa Jacobson says

    These are terrific suggestions! Another resource we’ve really enjoyed is – especially for really young children. They have a coloring book and music set to Scripture verses. Our older children said those songs still run through their heads! :)

  3. Julie Alvarez says

    Have you heard of Scripture Stickies? They are stickable Bible verses that our family makes. They really help people memorize and meditate on the Word of God – they work like a post-it note! The verses are grouped into themes or create your own. We also have a fun Scripture of the Month Club that makes a great gift! On our website you will find some of our other favorite Scripture Memory ideas including some of the ones you mentioned already.

  4. LindseyBell says

    Great tips! I’m planning to share this post on my round-up of favorite posts this coming Friday!

  5. Rachel says

    Thanks for such great ideas! We just ordered the foundation verses and cant wait to start using them!

  6. jen says

    We just started this less than a week ago. My daughter is 6 and I write the verse on a card and say it to her several times a day – she memorized her first verse in less than a week, and was so proud. It’s very uplifting to do this together.


  1. […] Isn’t that a beautiful description? As a mom of a six year old, four year old, and two year old, time to just sit and contemplate is hard to come by. But I’ve found that laundry can become liturgy… I can commune with God and meditate on His words throughout my busy day— while cleaning house, driving around town for activities or errands, scrubbing dirty clothes, or preparing dinner. When it comes to meditating on scripture, I’ve found it is most easily done with verses I have memorized because it truly makes the practice portable—I can carry on with the typical tasks instead of needing to sit down and have the words in front of me. If memorizing scripture is new to you—check out this post and consider involving your kids? […]

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