Collecting Memories In Marriage

As the season of thankfulness surrounds us I thought of a good reminder that would be a blessing to our marriages:

Collect Memories… Not Things

So often our culture, society, social media, and every advertisement seen encourages, no bombards us with the idea that we need more.  The pressure to pleasure ourselves by satisfying our thirst for more is seemingly inescapable.  Self-centeredness wells up inside of us justifying why we need “that new thing” or when denied we throw a pity party.

I have given into these lies just like everyone else.  It is a very difficult battle to fight, causing strife in my heart from discontentment, leading to contention in my marriage.

However, there are so many meaningful experiences that will last in memory longer than the “things” I so desire.  My pursuit of things takes away from the time and energy I have to spend with my husband and my child.  My heart needs to change.

I want to collect more memories… not things.

Memories that will inspire joy in my heart, ignite passion for my family, and remind me that some of the smallest experiences in life have the greatest impact, such as:

- Breakfast with my husband on Saturday morning as we plan out an adventure for the day.

- Preparing for our son and praying for his future family.

- Walking in the coolness of the day enjoying the fellowship of my best friend with laughter.

- Waking up to my husband praying over me.

- Encouraging my husband with words of affirmation, reminding him that I respect him.

There are so many ways to collect memories in marriage that will last a lifetime.  Memories that will remind you of God’s goodness.  Memories that will unify family as you reminisce with your children.

So in this season of thankfulness, cheer and giving… what memories are you going to collect with your spouse?

- Jennifer Smith

photocredit: @unveiledwife

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  1. keltrinswife says

    I soooo agree! I love doing new things/exploring new places/making memories with my husband instead of stuff. That is when I am happiest in my marriage. Thanks for the article and be blessed:)

  2. Betty Draper says

    Jennifer…I love your phrase, I want to collect more memories not things. Honestly that will take your marriage a whole new level. I am reading a book called, Too Valuable To Lose” about missionary attrition. People are more importand then programs, even our ministry. I think that is why God mades such a big deal of reading His word, we are too valuable to lose to the worlds ideas of how to be happy or content. Good post.

  3. says

    YES! Great post. We are most certainly collecting memories over here and we will pass them on to our children who will begin life knowing love for a lifetime is not only possible, it’s the way it was always meant to be.

  4. says

    An important point for all marriages!
    What is it we want from our spouse? More time and attention, or more stuff?
    I know for me, time and attention to enjoy my spouse and create lasting memories will win every single time!


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