Easy Heartfelt and Handmade Mothers Day Gifts

These Easy Homemade Mother's Day Gifts are sure to make mom smile. From food, to personal care, to crafts, they are sure to make Mom smile.



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Flowers are the typical Mother’s Day Gift.

Nothing wrong with flowers (but I do feel sad when they die), but every year when Mother’s Day rolls around, my husband asks me what I’d like.

My answer?

A clean house (probably won’t happen) and something handmade.

Heartfelt and handmade gifts are more my style.

And with money getting tighter every year week, frugal is a good thing.

And even if you have extra disposable income, frugal gifts allow for more generous giving, which is a blessing indeed.

This year, rather than waiting til the last minute, I started looking around the internet to find some gifts to inspire the boys and the man in my household.

I hope you like what I came up with.

Super simple, heartfelt and frugal gifts.

Of course, this means you need to read this post and pass the information along to your children or your husband, if the gifts are for you.

I think any husband would be very happy to have a list like this to work off of in advance of Mother’s Day.

With a list like this, you’ll surely help assuage those “What should the kids and I do for Mom” wonderings.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to make each and every one of these great gift ideas!


Sweet and Simple Vase
My youngest always brings home wild flowers from walks.  I would love to have this cute vase to display them!

Homemade Flower Vase Mother's Day Gift


Planting tips and a free heartfelt printable.
Mother's Day Flower Pot Gift Easy

Flower Photo Bouquet
I love this.  Personal and crafty – a cute twist on a photo gift!

Homemade Mother's Day Gift Flower Photo Bouquet


Finger-Knitted Flower
Looks complicated, but this blogger says you can make 3 of these in 20 minutes.
Might take me a bit more time, but what fun!  My son said he is willing to try to make one for me :-).

Finger Knitted Flower handmade mother's day gift


I Love You Thiiiiiiiis Much Card
 Cute and Simple!

Mother's day gift paper hands I Love you


Framed Little (or Big) Hands
Guaranteed to make any mother smile.

Homemade Mother's Day Gift Framed Hands

Love in a Jar
Insert notes with all of the reasons why you love Mom!

Homemade Mother's Day Gift in a Jar Easy

Paper Flower Bouquets
A super simple craft for little hands.

Paper Flower Bouquet mother's day

And, from my blog…

 Nourishing Homemade Hand & Body Scrub
Little ones can pour and stir and help to tie a bow.

Homemade Sugar Scrub


Almost “Reese’s” Chocolates
You could use heart molds or these flower molds if you prefer.

Chocolate Candy reese's cups homemade heathy sugar free

Easy Baked Oatmeal Cake, two ways
Start the night before and wake up to a healthy treat!
Baked Oatmeal

And finally, from Martha Stewart, something I made for my husband years ago on Father’s Day.  These photo bookmarks are simple and you can have a reminder of a wonderful Mother’s Day every time you open your favorite book.  I made one for each child and they typically “mark the spot” in my husband’s Bible.

You can also read The Best Mother’s Day Present Ever where I document a pretty incredible Mother’s Day from my past.

 Which gift is your favorite?

Top Photo Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/calliope/526856447/

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  1. says

    I LOVE the card made out of the hand prints…going to *borrow* it for Father’s Day :)
    I also really like the flower options you gave that won’t die–really cute and still bright and cheerful flowers. Thank you Adrienne!

    Side note–
    If you like the mason jar vase, you should check out the mason jar toothbrush (or flower) holders in my current post. A friend made them for me, but they are very make-able (even for me) and we LOVE them! They hang on the wall and are really simple/inexpensive :)

    • says

      Thanks, Kara! I just pinned your idea! But not sure what you used to put them up? You need to post the DIY info! LOVED learning about your son’s name. Chuck Colson is my husband’s and mine favorite modern day Christian statesman. We’ve met him several times. Thanks for sharing!

      • says

        A friend made them for me (just so I don’t get the credit :)

        But–they are super simple and I think I actually “could” make them…and I’m not super creative-crafty-do-it-your-self-ish (though I’d like to be :)

        Small piece of wood painted whatever color and sanded down slightly (she used a chunk of 2″ X 4″)
        A metal “worm drive”clamp from Home Depot that you can screw to tighten (comes with a screw that you’d normally use to tighten around metal venting).
        Then a screw through the clamp into the wood, attaching it (the clamps come with little slots in them that screws will easily start through.)
        Finally a picture hanger nailed to the back of the wood piece.
        *You just have to choose a clamp that fits close to the size of whatever mason jar you’re wanting to use. Ours are the smaller “ball” jars.

        ***Love knowing that you both were impacted by Chuck Colson.
        God used Colson’s book “Loving God” to really reach my heart.

        • says

          Thanks so much! Love it! Yes, we were touched in so many ways. Our son’s Asperger’s and his grandson’s autism…my husband was Prison Fellowship faculty sponsor for awhile….and we lived in a garage apt on the property of someone involved w/ Nixon’s cabinet when the whole Watergate thing happened.

          We wrote Mr. Colson and he remembered the man and sent him a copy of Born Again. Between myself and my husband we’ve probably read all of his books. Did you know there’s movie of Born Again? I’d love to see it.

          • says

            I didn’t even know about that movie…thanks!
            I’m sure my husband would LOVE it.

            Side note–there is also a good chance I could NOT make the above mentioned item.

            I tried to change out a doorknob earlier today and ended up locked in our 2 year old’s room for 90 min. until I was able to flag down a neighbor who got into our house and let me out. I don’t always do real well with tools-and-or-home-projects :)

          • says

            I’m sitting here laughing! I don’t think I could do it either but it’s worth a shot. My husband isn’t handy either. But once he had a builder come over to help w/ a deadbolt on our front door and the builder couldn’t figure it out and my husband ended up getting it to work by installing it upside down. Not sure why it worked but at least we didn’t have a door w/o a lock overnight.

            You should also check out Emily Colson’s book, Dancing with Max. The most touching parts are her dad’s forward and afterword.

            Blessings – nice to connect with you.

  2. Ulrika says

    So this was a mother’s day post but in a way my topic is very much related to caring about a mother – and a father. I would just like to ask all people who read this to please pray for my father and mother and all of us in the family. Out of respect for my dad I don’t want to go into details but he is old and he is ill and it is bad. His suffering is the worst part of it all. Seeing his pain feels like having my heart ripped out of my chest. Please pray for his health and that he finds peace spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Please pray also for my mother who has to go through this now with the man she’s been married to for almost 47 years.

  3. says

    Adrienne, thanks for this list. I think I’ll send the url to my daughters and see if they can pull off the little Seuss-like finger-knit flower or the scrub.

    Great ideas, and all so sweetly simple.

      • says

        Adrienne, I just left you a link to a website image of a shot from Horton Hears a Who, but disqus just flagged it. Oops. All I meant to illustrate was that the finger-knit flower with the round, ball top reminded me of the flower Horton carried around so faithfully. Our neighbors are growing some flowers like that–a long stick and then the round ball of color at the top. I took some snapshots with my phone-camera, but I should have gone back to take more with my DSLR, because they are already fading. Those, too, reminded me of Horton’s flower…of course, in reality, Horton’s flower should remind me of that thing of beauty that God created for our pleasure! :)

  4. Camille Beckstrand says

    These are such great ideas!! We hope to see you back next week to our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” Thanks for coming!! -The Sisters

  5. says

    What lovely gift ideas! I think they all sound wonderful. Thank you for sharing such frugal and heartfelt Mother’s Day gifts with us at the Gallery of Favorites.

  6. Marci Ferrell says

    I love this – what sweet, beautiful and simple ideas for mom. Thank you so much for linking up!

  7. quickeasycheaphealthy says

    Great ideas! Thanks for linking up to Healthy 2Day Wednesday; come back next week to see if you were featured!

  8. Deb, mom of 4 says

    great ideas! I haven’t ever seen that particular hand card before, Adorable. I love bookmarks too. My oldest daughter at 10 wanted to give me a gift so she made a bookmark. Two different colours of card stock made just about as tall as a hardcover novel which she glued together and wrote a short wish/prayer for me on each side, then punched a hole at each end, addend some beads on string long enough to poke out both ends of the book. I still use it and it fits in all my books.
    Hand scrub is something I want to make, just hadn’t thought of it, but I think my m-i-l might like that from the kids :)


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