On Being “Intentional”

I have never picked a word of the year like many of my bloggy friends.  It just never occurred to me.  This year I have a feeling that is going to change.  I keep getting a one word message from God.  This has been going on for about two weeks so I think I should take the hint and adopt this word as my word of the year.


and the definition by Merriam Webster…done by intention or design

intention…….a determination to act in a certain way


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 And this word doesn’t relate to one certain area of my life but all areas of my life including…

  • Intentional about the food I put in my body
  • Intentional about the words I say to my husband and kids
  • Intentional about the way we teach our children
  • Intentional about worshiping God
  • Intentional about cleaning my house
  • Intentional about being a homemaker
  • Intentional about the meals I make for my kids
  • Intentional about the words I read and listen to
  • Intentional about what I let my children watch on screens like tv, computers, and ipods
  • Intentional about taking care of others
  • Intentional about taking care of me
  • Intentional about relationships with others

Intentional about …

so many more things in my life and as I hear them I am writing them down.

And now to figure out how to be intentional in all these areas.  I am starting a list of ways I can be intentional.  I can tell lists are going to be my friend this year!

Are you being intentional?

I would love to know what you did to help you be intentional in any area of your life.

12For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective]; it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the breath of life (soul) and [the immortal] spirit, and of joints and marrow [of the deepest parts of our nature], exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12 AMP

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  1. Summer says

    That was my word for last year, and I have been stuck without a word for this word…maybe because God still has laid the need for improvement in this area on my heart every day as well. I think this will be a two-year word! :-)

  2. Sharon says

    I haven’t ever chosen a word for a year, but intentional would be a great one for me! I attended a conference for Mom’s yesterday and intentionality came up a lot! One thing we did was make a list of a few things we wanted to start doing (in regards to our children) and to share it with someone and have them hold us accountable.

  3. Kathy Sykes says

    Living an intentional life is the same as living consciously! We are so busy in life (by choice many times) that we are acting on cruise control. We should wake up from this “fog” and make conscious, well-thought out decisions about everything we do! AND include God’s Word to lead us to the right decision! I try my best to live an intentional life.

  4. Alexis says

    I love this! I decided to stay home with my children about a year ago… and it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride until it hit me that I need to be more intentional! Things are not just going to happen and me just being home isn’t enough- I need to teach, mentor, provide activities, socialize, love…. and then my house! LOL That takes work and a PLAN! So I have just started a home management binder when I can plan the chores, meals, information, work outs, fun ideas for the kids… I need to work at this because this is my full time ‘job’ now! Thank you for posting this!

  5. Momof636 says

    Thank you . I never thought about a word either but have been getting bombarded with seasons. This word terrifies me and excites me . what a conflict of emotion but am looking forward to what the Lord is going to do with me this year. Thank you for helping me think on being intenional what a great thought. i also have fibromyalgia and know how it can affect being a mom. Especially when raising 7 children. It does get better .looking forward to more of your posts

  6. Anonymous says

    Intentional is the word I’m focusing on in 2012 as well. :-) I picked that word knowing that I needed to work on getting my priorities straight in my life. I know what my priorities are and now that I’m seeking to be intentional I’m actually spending time and effort in the relationships in my life that matter. Being intentional is a good thing. :-)

  7. Anonymous says

    Intentional is my 2012 word, too. Like you, this is my first time taking on a “word” in place of making resolutions. This post inspired me to keep pressing on ~ intentionally!


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