Six Reasons I Love Living in a Small House

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The word small has a lot to do with perspective.

If you compare our 1200 square foot farmhouse to some homes around the world, it looks like a mansion.

But in America, the land of excess, our 100-year-old home is considered to be quite small, especially for a growing family.

I often can see the question mark on people’s faces when they walk into my house for the first time. As they travel through the maze of tiny rooms and pocket doors, I know they are wondering why a young couple with an unknown number of future children would choose to purchase such a small home.

But we did indeed choose it. And here are six reasons why I actually love living in a small home.

1. You accumulate less stuff

Over the last couple of years, I have become increasingly convicted over the amount of stuff that our modern culture believes is necessary to survive. Our society is obsessed with finding ways to collect stuff, and then we spend a crazy amount of time cleaning, caring for, organizing, and rearranging that stuff.

In our small home, there is just enough room to store what we love and need. For example, I have enough cabinet space in my kitchen to store my best cooking tools, but not much room for additional sets of dishes or pots. But do I really need those extra dishes anyway? Probably not.

I have found that an incredible sense of freedom comes with de-cluttering your life. Plus, it’s much harder to lose items in a small house.

2. It’s easier to clean

I have less floor space to vacuum and mop, fewer counter tops to wipe, and only one toilet to scrub. This allows me to focus more on the quality of my cleaning, versus racing from room to room just trying to keep up with it all.

3. It supports a more frugal lifestyle

Not only does a small home encourage frugality by keeping the “stuff buying” to a minimum, it is also less expensive to maintain. Our property taxes are cheaper, our heating/cooling bills are less, and our electric bill is smaller than most. As a single-income family in a turbulent economy, this aspect of small house living is very appealing to us.

4. It’s easier to decorate

I’ve always imagined what it would be like to live in one of those massive houses with vaulted ceilings and sweeping rooms. But when I start thinking about trying to decorate one of those homes, I break out in a cold sweat! :) I know many of you ladies are incredibly talented at decorating your beautiful homes, and I so admire you for that! However, my sense of style is a little different from most. I prefer adorning my home with rusty old treasures and re-purposed yard sale finds. The quaint little rooms of my farmhouse allow me to showcase my eclectic sense of style just perfectly.

5. Small houses have a cozy charm

There is nothing I love more than lighting a few candles, grabbing a cup of hot tea, and curling up with my family in our cozy little living room to watch a movie during one of our wintry nights out here on the prairie.

6. It has taught me creativity

I can say without a doubt, that living in our small home has taught me to think outside of the box more than any other experience ever has. I have learned that if I apply a little creativity to the situation, I usually can find a way to make most any idea work. If you are living in a small home, I encourage you to avoid telling yourself you “can’t” do something. Rather, keep turning it around in your mind until a solution presents itself. You can literally add square footage to your home simply by thinking outside of the box.

Of course, living in a large home does not mean you will be messy, cluttered, or uncreative. I know that many of you have big, beautiful homes and you do a wonderful job making them cozy, warm and inviting.

But if you are living in a small house like me, let’s seize the opportunity to make our tiny space the best it can be, instead of wishing we had a bigger kitchen or an extra bathroom.

Allow the smallness of your home to bring your family closer together and embrace it!

Be Inspired!


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    • The Prairie Homestead says

      We used to be drowning in it. But, moving to the small house took care of that- pretty much whether we wanted it to, or not! ;)

  1. Happy Mrs Bass says

    I feel exactly the same! I (am learning to) love my small home! Sometimes I think it would be nice to has an additional bathroom or slightly larger kitchen, but I am so thankful for what we do have, including smaller water and heating bills. It is certainly nice to very little to clean and de-clutter! And I enjoy to “cozy feel”. Today I will be working on my “creative” skills and changing up the kitchen a bit! Very excited! Thanks for sharing with your fellow small home dwellers! :)

  2. Missy. says

    Just last summer, my family (me, my husband, 2 boys ages 4 and 2, and our dog) we moved from a 1900 sq ft home with an attic to a 1400 sq ft home with no attic. We bought a small shed for the backyard to store Christmas decor, suitcases, etc. I feel so liberated living in a smaller home. We still have a lot of stuff, but we are careful of bringing more stuff in. I always thought I wanted to live in a big home (we had 2000 sq ft before kids!) but I think I like being in a smaller space. Someone just yesterday called my home cozy. I was proud. :).

  3. says

    You know what’s funny? We went from an 895 sq ft home in the city and sold it to move to a “big” house in the suburbs (1400 sq ft) It feels HUGE for us, with room to grow, but we’ve gotten sooo many comments about another bigger house being on the market, etc. It baffles me because I don’t feel the need for bigger or better. I’m happy in my cozy, old home! :)

    • The Prairie Homestead says

      Size is definitely relative, isn’t it?! We know some people who live smaller than we do, and our place really does feel gargantuan to them. It’s truly all about perspectve!

  4. says

    Jill, I feel like you wrote this for me! Last week in our bible study class we discussed being content. Three words kept popping into my head; more, better, perfect, as a society that is what we want or told that is what we want and need to be happy. I have a tiny one bath house with two bedrooms but put in an additional two rooms in the back since we are a family of four. But I still want more, I want a basement, I want an extra bathroom, I want a bigger kitchen, but do I need it? Probably not. We also got rid of a car load and then some of stuff we had in our closets, it WAS liberating getting the clutter out! I’m still working on getting more stuff out. I’m also working on being happy and grateful for what we have, this entry was perfect, thank you!

  5. Barb Spencer says

    What a breath of fresh air your post is! It’s important for us to remember that this isn’t our home, anyway. We’ve got a mansion waiting for us if we’ve stored our treasure there!

  6. says

    Yes! We currently live in a 3-bedroom duplex and I told my husband that when we buy a house, I don’t want anything much bigger than what we have. Bigger is not always better! :)

  7. says

    I can SO relate to living in a small house. The first house we lived (rented) in was ~600 sq. ft. + the shared (a double) laundry area. After 3.5 years, we purchased a slightly larger home of ~1,000 sq. ft. As we were getting the carpets professionally cleaned, the VERY young guy cleaning the carpet said something like, “Wow!! You can almost stretch your arms out and touch both walls of this bedroom.” I was flabergasted at such a remark from a total stranger in my home. LOL…

    After 6 years in that house, we purchased our current home of ~ 1,200 sq. ft. It’s small, but we love it, and the scenery is beautiful. I do sometimes wish for a larger rooms, mostly the kitchen. :D

  8. Meghan Carver says

    I so much appreciate your comments today! My husband I have six children, and we have been debating whether or not to build a bigger house. Of course, the ultimate goal is to eliminate the mortgage. We waver so much, because what we have is perfectly adequate, but would it make life better if we had more space? We’re not so sure.

  9. Sarah says

    I completely agree! :-) We do have a larger home but I am continually working to get rid of the things we do not need. I made the mistake of thinking, once, that we needed to fill the space, but I know better now!

    • The Prairie Homestead says

      Wow Jennifer! I love it! What a rare action in this day and age. I’m pretty sure you’ll never regret that choice.

  10. Melissa D says

    Greatly enjoyed this! We, too, just purchased a 1200 square foot, 120 year old farmhouse on a couple of acres. We currently have two little ones (3 and 1) with unknown future children, but I was so excited to move into a “small house” with “not enough bedrooms” (societies comments). I find it very exciting to declutter, only have what I need, be forced to organize and necessitize… ok so basically, the word is “excited”. I’m spurred on by less stuff and more Christ! thanks :)

    • The Prairie Homestead says

      I LOVE that you are excited to downsize Melissa! Such great attitude. (And our house is considered to “not have enough bedrooms” too.) ;)

  11. Leesa says

    Loved this! We are about to move in to a one bedroom trailer with our four youngest children. This is just for a time to get on our feet financially and to help me get healthier as I am struggling with auto immune issues that leave me very tired. We have felt for a long time to de-clutter and simplify our lives. This post was just what I needed to read today! We will be living in paradise though, by the ocean and in a resort that is beautiful with tennis courts and a pool. Much better than a big cluttered house in town.

    • The Prairie Homestead says

      Wow Leesa, sounds like a gorgeous setting! I think many people are feeling that same pull to de-clutter these days!

  12. Carol Bruckmann says

    What a wonderful post! We live in what is probably a middle class sized house by American standards. It is PACKED with junk. I am constantly organizing and trying to convince people to get rid of things. It is my secret dream to move into a tiny place and get rid off all our stuff!

  13. says

    We live in a small house too, with four children, a dog, and two guinea pigs. I like it too, for all the reasons you mention in your post. My problem is that I don’t like the look of clutter, and sometimes it is hard to know where and how to organize. I always have my eyes open for appealing and creative storage options. And I make regular contributions to GoodWill!

    • The Prairie Homestead says

      Yes, I agree Brenda- decluttering and organizing can be a bit more challenging, but I kind of enjoy the challenge. ;) And Goodwill sees quite a lot of me as well! :)

  14. says

    I could have written this very post, my friend!!! We moved from a 2,200 square foot town home to a tiny 1,100 square foot 100+ year-old farm house last year. Everyone we talked to about the move assumed we were moving to a bigger house and couldn’t believe it when they heard us say it was actually smaller. We did get more outdoor land and space… but the indoor space is tiny in most people’s standards! I actually just had this conversation with my family the other day. They keep telling us we’ll outgrow this home (with three children getting bigger) but I just kind of reminded them that it’s all a matter of perspective. Our friends in Uganda live in a small home with 22 orphans and they are happy and so thankful for everything… why aren’t we? Why the constant upgrades? We live in an upgrade-obsessed world. Bravo to you and yours for fighting the norm. xo Cassandra @ the unplugged family

  15. says

    This was a great post. We live in a not so big house for the number of people living in it. There are eight of us (there were nine until this fall when our oldest son moved out) living in an 1800 sq. foot home. The home has four bedrooms, but one of them is used as an office as my husband works from home. The kids’ rooms are very full but that helps us keep from building excess clutter. Some day we would like to add on to make hospitality a little easier, but we do enjoy our cozy home.

  16. Valerie Carroll says

    I love our little house. We just sold our house and property to move back to our cabin. It is a 720sf log cabin that my husband and I built ourselves. It has been a work in progress for 10 years now and moving back into it got just to do the final push to make it really look like a home. It is a loft style and that has been interesting with our baby but we make it work. It will not have any running water until spring when things thaw enough to put the foundation in for the water tank. it is not easy living without water but we have done it before . We love even more that it is ours and we don’t have a mortage on it.

    • The Prairie Homestead says

      Wow Valerie- You guys are really pioneering it. Good for you! What a wonderful legacy to be sharing a home that you and your husband build yourselves!

  17. The Prairie Homestead says

    Cassandra- yes, yes, and yes! :)
    We also are blessed with extra outdoor space- it’s just the indoor portion that is on the small side. (Our homes sound similiar, too!)
    The original homesteaders raised 4 children in our home (6 people total), so it’s amazing when people tell me that it’s “too small” to accomodate our current family of just 3 (total). Perspective is truly the key! :)

  18. says

    Yes, I love it. We just sold most of our stuff and moved into a 2 bedroom apartment with our two kids. Less stuff, less cleaning = more time and more life.

  19. Tanya says

    Love this! Eight years ago my husband and I had our home built (we only had 2 kids)..and to keep our payments down we built a small ranch (932 sq. ft of living space on the top floor). We have 5 children now and all still live on this top floor. We are going to add a woodstove to the basement to make that space more useable…glad to know we aren’t the only ones living “cozily”! ;) And, we are blessed to live in a big field (2.4 acres is ours to call home)..I love rural living!!

  20. says

    I love that I can vacuum my whole house without ever moving the cord! Anyhow, probably like you, we bought our 880 sq ft 100 yr old farmhouse for the acres of land that surround it, and consider that our true living space.

    • The Prairie Homestead says

      YES. The real reason we purchased our property was for the land. And we do spend a majority of our time outside. :)

  21. Alszambrano says

    Our 1940s brick rancher is barely bigger than your lovely place. My mom was dismayed at how small our bedrooms are – wondering where on earth we were going to put future children. Turns out that with two sets of bunk beds and a shared dresser, I could squeeze four into one room in a pinch (a tight pinch,but a pinch). I remarked to someone the other day that our closets were designed for the days when little girls had two dresses – one for school and one for church. I long for the days when that was appropriate provision for a child. Loved hearing your heart on the wonders of a small house!

  22. says

    We don’t own a house, we rent right now, but my favourite rental house to date was a 550 square foot cabin! I think 1200 is perfect, why would you want bigger?!

  23. says

    I love having a small home:) Great article!

    I upsized when I remarried and went from a 900sq ft home into an 1100sq ft one. I was seriously shocked by how much more work a second bathroom is! Plus my little home had a great layout with a bigger kitchen and laundry/utility room than most 2000sq ft homes. I don’t love my husband’s small home the way I did mine. I told him that if we ever move we are downsizing and holding out for a good floor plan! -Cris

  24. Rebekah says

    We have a huge house. HUGE. And I cannot wait to downsize. This was super timely and encouraging. It’s so easy to believe that the grass is greener, but the house I grew up in was modest (and perfect), but what we have now is just big. And we really aren’t good stewards of it because we don’t use it all to it’s potential. We’ve got a few kids, but they love being together. And we have guests, but only on occasion. I’m spread thin trying to keep up with the stuff and the space and all I really want to do is build a fort with my kids out of couch cushions and PLAY!

  25. Amy says

    Yep. Our house is 1242 sq feet. There are 6 of us. Our 3 girls share a 10 x 10 room. People think we are crazy. Sometimes I think so too. Oh yeah, we also share with 2 dogs and a cat. It certainly forces us to be minimalist, creative and organized!

  26. Mommybyhisgrace says

    Well, I have to say that we do have a big house. We have 6 children and hope for more. I have this longing for a smaller, simpler house. The Lord lead us to this large, lovely old farmhouse but I keep feeling like we are not filling it enough with people!! I keep asking the Lord why He has us here. Sometimes I feel guilty living in such luxury when so many have nothing. It is funny though, because others think we are living in such simplicity because we live so far from everything. It is all perspective I guess! I love our home because it is where he lead us but I have this little dream of living in a more simple home and without a lot of the “stuff”. Your article was refreshing. Thank you.

  27. Heather :) :) :) says

    Great post. A home is what you make it…and by thinking creatively, even a “small” home will be plenty big enoughto meet your needs ;) :) My dad and I are living in my aunt’s home. Not big, not small….just right :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  28. says

    This is great….my hubby, myself and our four kids live in a 700sq house. I spend lots of time de-cluttering and “thinking outside the box” for arranging things we do need. =)

  29. Gina Benson says

    LOVE IT!! I live in Italy, where EVERYTHING is small…cars, coffee, streets and living space!

    We have a tiny, but super cozy flat. Every time I clean, I praise the Lord that my house isn’t any bigger. :)

    This post is sssoooo true. Any time I have the desire to buy, I stop and think…but where will I put this.

    A small house is nice.

    My only desire would be to entertain more, host events, have our friends over for dinner. It is tough in a small house with a bunch of little munchkins running around! The noise level seems to overwhelm the small space.

    Thanks for you words!

    • The Prairie Homestead says

      Yes, entertaining is a challenge that we must get creative with, too. One thing I like to do is have our large groups of people over in the summertime when everyone can sit outside and run around in the yard. It helps to add a bit of extra room. ;)

  30. Kiwigirl says

    I enjoyed reading through this, as it reiterates for me what God has been teaching me over the past while.
    We recently left NZ to move our family to the UK. It was a move to be nearer family and we had to be very careful with our financial resources to do it.
    This meant only taking what was necessary.
    Packing an entire house into a few boxes really helped me to be reminded again what is important in life – those you love.
    The ‘stuff’ amounts to very little.
    Others enjoyed all the stuff we gave away but it made me realise more keenly what a consumer I had been.
    I had thought I was careful with how I spent our money, but I realised not as careful as I should be when living on a planet that is so quickly running out of resources.
    We dont realise it when we go into massive department stores full of stuff – but when we really enquire and research we can see it.

    I have found a lot of freedom in realising these things and discovering what is really important to me and what God wants of me. Comsuming no longer consumes me. I enjoy the role of looking after my family by using things well and reusing, like my grandparents did before me.

    My materialistic side would love a big house, but praise God it isnt!

  31. says

    Amen! We live in a small house too. We have 4 children and one, yes ONE bathroom. Guess what? It works. In the 14 years here, we’ve been extremely happy. We too get the amazed looks when we invite people over. They can’t even fathom the idea of being happy in such a small space. I love it though. I always know where my kids are and what they are up to! :) Thanks for the fabulous post.

  32. says

    Very interesting. And here I am trying to move out of my very small house and into a bigger one.

    I do agree that you accumulate less stuff, but I’m not big on stuff anyway. I like to get rid of stuff!

    I find it harder to clean though, but I have four boys and one bathroom and that’s just not good. I think I would like my small house much more if I had my own master bathroom – and some closets (we have 0 closets, it’s very annoying)

  33. j beggs says

    But what do you do when you feel that your house is limiting your ability to expand your family? we are a homeschooling family of 5, live in a small town (only has a post office) on a busy road on the way to a tourist destination, with close neighbors, and it’s winter 6 months out of the year (at least that’s the way it feels). ..Although we could definitely declutter, I feel we’re doing all we can in this small house and are just waiting for God to open up other doors (to a bigger home!) we have 2 BR, 1 bath, and know that we would never be able to adopt or foster in this house. our youngest shares our bedroom, and we JUST moved this 26 month old out of a pack-n-play into a crib. We try to be content and know that we have so much more than many around the world, it’s a struggle to just open our home to having friends over.

    • The Prairie Homestead says

      Everyone’s situation is definitely unique, and I’m betting that if you feel God calling you to adopt or foster, He will open up a way for that to happen- whether it means moving, or adding on, or something like that. ;)

  34. Jody Brittain says

    EXACTLY! I see all these fancy homes that are being build, and they are very large! You could not GIVE one to me. I would spend every minute of my time CLEANING! I would rather have all that room in pasture space! I love little homes!

  35. Amy says

    I’ve always lived in small spaces. We once lived in a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment that was 600 sq ft for 4 months when I was a child with both my parents and my 6 siblings. My favorite house was a 5 bedroom 2.75 bath house that was 1500 sq ft.

    With our family we live in a huge to us house currently, it’s twice as large as any of the other houses we’ve rented, it’s 1400 sq ft for our family of 5. I keep wanting to move back to a smaller home, 700-900 sq ft but landlords keep telling me that’s to small and won’t rent to us. We’re stuck with whatever others think we need for now until we have enough cash saved to buy our own place.

  36. Rebecca says

    I’ve raise 8 children in a 1000 sq. ft. home. It’s beginning to seem a lot bigger now with almost 4 of them moved out. One thing I did not see on the list, is that it helps the children stay a lot closer to each other. None of them can go off and hide in their rooms and feel left out or wallow in self pity for very long. A sister or brother is bound to come in in a very short amount of time and distract them. Another advantage is that when they go off to college they think their dorm rooms are HUGE!

  37. Judi says

    We used to live in a very large home that came with my husband’s job. I hated it! (Hard to keep clean, kids felt so far away from us, not enough cash to decorate it. It never felt warm & cozy.) We are back in a good sized home that isn’t too big, but are considering buying our own place that is much smaller- about half of our current home. I am a bit hesitant, but am ready to declutter and see what the Lord has in store for our family! Your article is inspiring, thank you for sharing!

  38. says

    Oh, I love this post!

    Our decision to post a co-op over a house (mind you, we doubled our space!) was met with some surprise. But it’s like you went into my brain and wrote everything I have ever felt about our choice.

  39. Heather says

    Thank you so much for this! I was feeling kind of bad about my small-ish home (1500 square feet — perfect for our family) after a conversation with a neighbor yesterday, peppered with comments like, “Three bedrooms? I didn’t realize your house was so much smaller than the others on the block…” (which have four, sometimes five bedrooms — gasp! So much bigger! :) I kept feeling like I needed to make excuses for my place. So as I read this post, I was reminded why my husband and I are so content with our home. I love our space, I love that our two little boys share a room, and I’m so thankful to have a home that keeps us cozy and close together. Thank you for the renewed perspective!

    • The Prairie Homestead says

      I know all too well how easy it is to let people “comments” sink in! I used to make all sorts of excuses too– sometimes it can be tough to go against the flow- but definitely still worth it! :)

  40. d.sue says

    A friend of mine just forwarded me your blog- so good to hear! My husband and I live with our 10month, 2 year old, & 4 year old in 610 sq. foot cabin and we get the “soooo when are you guys going to move to a bigger place?” question ALL of the time. We love our little cabin. All of the children share a room- and they LOVE it. My mom always says whenever I get discouraged with our “stuff” , “If you have the space, you will fill it.”. Small spaces do make you realize what is truly important and worth keeping. We have gotten very creative with storage and space. Would love to see pics of the inside and any tips! Thanks for the encouragement.

  41. Melanie says

    Love it! Thank you for sharing. We live in an old 1600 sq ft farmhouse with 4 kids, 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. People think we are nuts but everything you said is so true. I have lived in a ginormous house and it was too big. I especially disliked having 3 bathrooms to clean. As the kids get older and bigger, I have been longing for a little more room. Luckily we do have space to expand and might do so this summer.

  42. Elaine Halford says

    You have absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER to explain why you are not ashamed of your lovely house. PRIDE! Yes, indeed! I am proud of you and everyone who has ducked out of the “get more stuff” mentality. It challenges us to be more aware of the people in our lives, to be more creative, to get far more mileage out of our not-endless dollars, and to find gratitude often. When all is said and done, how much more can we want? We have clean water, heating and cooling, soft beds, available education, reliable electricity and other fuels, freedom to go whever we want (yard sales), plenty of food, endless choices … and I just nicked the tip of the iceberg. Keep up your great work.

  43. says

    We moved from 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms with three girls (that I homeschool so we are always here!) to a 792sq ft. 2 bedroom, 1 and a quarter bathroom a little over a year ago. We bought the house for the land around it, and I haven’t been happier! My kids share a bedroom and we custom built a triple bunk bed into it so they would have more floor space and they love being together now…and spend so much more time OUTSIDE, using their imaginations and exercising their bodies! I wouldn’t trade this time and this change for anything…except maybe a little bit more living room space ;)

  44. Heidi says

    We live in a medium house-1300 square feet-and raised three kids here. We added a half bath in a closet upstairs. It has been perfect. Well, I would have loved a better layout and at one time I wanted a bigger kitchen. Then I realized that some people live in houses the same size as my kitchen and i decided to be content with what God had blessed us with. We also have 6 acres and like others have said we do things outside and enjoy the world around us.

  45. parent says

    We were living in, what we thought would be the American dream house; however it was not. Even with a nanny, a house keeper, and landscapers, it was overwhelming. It felt like everything was out of control. We had $700 electric bills, $500 water bills, and were just buying things to fill the place up. What finally opened our eyes was how unhappy our children were. This was not acceptable since we live for our children. We made a mind blowing decision that confused our friends and family. We moved into a 2400 sq ft average home. To some this is still large but it was quite a downsize for us. The transformation of our children is difficult to put in words. They went from anxiety driven want monsters to very happy secure children. It was the single best decision we ever made.

  46. Leesa Marae says

    My family of 6 ( our oldest daughter has moved out) is living in a three room , 347 sq. ft trailer. It is the middle of paradise so that makes it easier! This is not a long term thing as we are saving up for a home and wanted to reduce our expenses as we just started our own Grahpic Design company. Our children are 8,9,11 & 12. We have noticed that we are closer and issues are dealt with much quicker as there are right there in front of you. We play more games and the children have less of a desire for electronics. We have rented pretty much large homes because no one with smaller homes would rent to a family with 5 children. We even had people hang up on us telling us the place was too small even though they were 3 bedroom homes! We have pristine references but it didn’t matter. This trailer belongs to a friend who knows we are clean people that take care of any home we are in.
    Being here has made us realize how little we actually need to live! The North American ( we are on the west coast of Canada ) dream is a joke! We have been able to sponsor children in Africa because we are living cheaper and it feels good to pay $171 for hydro for three months than to pay $700. We have found a house that we are interested in that has 5 bedrooms but is only 1238 sq.ft. We would like to adopt in the future so the extra rooms are a must. Our time here in a super small home has changed us all for the better and we are forever grateful for it.

  47. domesticblissdiaries says

    My home is only 1375 square feet, not much bigger than yours. We have lives in it for 4 years now and I hate to admit it but I’ve spent most of those years complaining about its lack of space. I have always put off decorating it and making it “ours” because I have always refused to get attached to it. But, lately, I’ve been convicted about my discontentment. After all, we only have one child right now. Though we desire more children, our home is just fine for what we need right now. So, after reading your post, I think I’ll commit to my home and work to make it ours by decorating according to our family instead of according to what would look better if we were to sell. I will live as if we are going to be in that house until our last days. If the Lord sees fit to have us move, then we will. Until then, I am content! Thank you for this perspective!

  48. says

    A dad here…my wife sent me your post. As a man I get frustrated that I can’t give my family a larger house but in the end it works out and our kids sure as heck don’t care. Your checklist is true and frankly I know a lot of people with “big house regret”. They regret moving up in size and then not using much of the new space and they usually regret the mortgage payment the most. Big houses aren’t bad, they’re just more difficult to use to their potential.

  49. Amorlosninos says

    yaaaaahoo! a fellow lover of small house living!!

    bless you and your endeavors of a simple life free of clutter and materialism and all that would try to snatch your precious time away from all that you love and value!

  50. Spanepento says

    This is great! I totally agree we are a family of four, soon to be five living in a 1000 sq ft. home. I think getting rid of stuff and not buying “things” is crucial!

  51. says

    Great points! I always feel like my 1500 sq ft house is small when I visit friends…but really, the only time I miss having excess space is when we entertain. I can only have one couple over for dinner at a time unless we eat outside. Which we do, often! You are absolutely right about accumulating less things and spending less money – there are SO MANY times when I don’t buy something simply because no matter how badly I want it, there’s just no room!

  52. Mom of 4 says

    My husband and I raised 4 wonderful children in a 1200 square foot house in Southern California. Our friends were often amazed by the size of our house. The thing most commented on was the fact that we only had one bathroom for 6 people. I completely agree with all you have said about your small house, but I would add to it. Our children learned patience and consideration for others by having to wait their turn for the bathroom. They learned what it was like to get along as a family because the family was always there – together. I encourage you to keep your small house, even as your family grows – we have for over 30 years now and we love it!!

  53. says

    My family of 6 and 2 roomies currently live in an 800sq ft old cabin right outside of Seattle WA. We are in the process of building on the 5 acres of property that the cabin is on, but for right now… well I can’t even begin to tell you how much this little post encouraged me :) And you are so right about small spaces encouraging creativity. We have moved the furniture around about a ba-zillion times until we found just the right spot for everything and it’s been really fun to see the family create new spaces all the time.

  54. says

    I know that for us, living in a “Home on Wheels” has always been a blessing in disguise. It’s brought us much closer as a family – either we get along, or we would kill each other! In 320 square feet, there is little room for extras, but that’s ok, because we have each other!


  55. keltrinswife says

    All I know is small houses. My house isn’t 1200sqft and I don’t want bigger. I don’t even have a basement. It prevents hoarding and collecting junk. Thank you for this article

  56. Libby says

    From the time we knew we were pregnant until my daughter was 6 and my son was 3 we lived in a 650 sq foot studio apartment. I LOVED it. Others commented it was too small or not right for the kids, but to us it was so cozy! We had just enough room for everything we needed–and consequently most personal baggage left too! The only thing I don’t miss is the closet-sized bathroom.
    The older two who lived and loved in that studio are now 11 and 8 and our family has grown since then. I still love that apartment though!

  57. Longwoodgirl95 says

    Thanks so much for writing this! Living in a 940 square foot house built in the 1940s with my husband and little one can be challenging to say the least! I often find myself grumbling about how I wish we lived in a bigger house. You reminded me that it isn’t about the square footage – it’s about the people you share that square footage with!

  58. GailBP says

    I really like this post. So full of wisdom and something we need to realize when we choose a bigger house. Mine is too big now, but I’ve lived in smaller homes and what you write is absolutely true. Thanks, Gail (BibleLoveNotes)

  59. Misty says

    I am so there with the post. My family of 8 is getting ready to move back into 900 sq ft house(we were there once already…long story). I said, “I have my bachelor’s in space engineering, and now I am going to get my master’s in it.” I am actually getting excited about it. The creativity and the simplicity thought is really freeing to me. Yes, I hope we add on some at some point(sooner than later), but I am trying to live out right now Romans 8:28. I know this will be good. :) Thank you for this reminder.

  60. Tina says

    Love all the comments it makes me cant wait to move to a smaller house we have our eyes on one right now gonna go from 1200 square foot three bedroom to a 2 bedroom 900 square foot home cant wait to simplify our lives

  61. Erin says

    This was quite an encouraging post. I was feeling convicted today as I asked God am I wrong for wanting a bigger house? Even without a great deal of “stuff” I feel as if I’m tripping or squeezing through our home. Five (soon to be six) children living and homeschooling in a fairly small house with the only storage area being under the stairs.

    I love it in the summer, less schooling=less mess and we can be outdoors. Minnesota winters are something else altogether. Outdoor time i can seriously limited-frostbite in under 5 minutes some days.

    Still, this has inspired me to see if there is anything left to purge and to look at the bright side of less to maintain. Thank you for sharing about your small home.

  62. linny says

    I was thrilled to read your post. not quite a year ago my husband and I purchase our very own “small” home and I too am falling more and more in love with my house. my house is only 1100 sq feet and at times I too wonder if we made the wrong decision but then I look around and I know that the home we.share with our 3 sons is perfect. Having a small home to maintain means I can spend more time outdoors on our 15 acres gardening, tapping maple trees, or sitting by the fire pit roasting marshmallows with the kids. I’ll take a “cozy” warm small house any day over a larger mini mansion!

  63. says

    Thank you for sharing this. I will surely read this and more
    of your posts. I really am sorry for the late reply because I just have got to
    know how to be notified of follow-up comments. :) Thank you

  64. Anna says

    I used to say the same thing. Until we now have 5 children in our two bedroom 1200 sq ft (no basement) house. And it can be cluttered and crazy. I loved it small when we fit it. I often think of the settlers and of people in other countries who do and have survived with more people in smaller spaces. But for us it has become a struggle. 7 people in two bedrooms, dressers in hallways….its time for us to move on. And we aren’t going huge or fancy but looking at a fixer upper turn of the century farm…but with 5 bedrooms!

  65. Susanne says

    Clicked over from another link. I loved this post. We have raised a family of 3 in a 3 bedroom up, one bedroom down house. And I’m here to say we did it just wonderfully. And I even run a dayhome for under the age of 5 and everything has worked and everyone has lived and thrived. The couple who owned the house before us raised 7 childrend here. Our society has fooled itself into thinking they can’t do without everyone in the family having their own rooms, their own bathrooms, their own playrooms and now not just a living room but an entertaining room, media room, and exercise room. When will it stop? You enjoy your wonderful home and build many happy memories there!

  66. MetalineMom says

    Thank you for the reminder of the blessings of a small home. We currently live in a large home we have been renting for several years. We have 11 children so I thought moving to a large home would be wonderful. While it does have its benefits I have sensed our family unity is not as strong. I miss the times we all gathered together in our small living room while I nursed the baby and read stories. We have just been given notice that we have to move because the house we are renting is being foreclosed on. I am so thankful that if the Lord moves us to a smaller home I know we will be blessed.

  67. Kristin says

    Thank you for this post. I love that there are others out there like me. My husband is in real estate so we are seeing new, bigger homes all the time. But I love my 1500 sq ft home. I too have the sweats at the thought of decorating one of those homes and the amount of stuff we would end up with. Thank you for sharing.

  68. SistersRaiseSisters says

    I love this Jill – and I want to be you someday! Our dream is to move out of the city and onto land. I’ve always told my husband I’d happliy give up our 2500 square feet we have now for a double-wide trailer if he’d get me a view of the mountains across our pasture! Thanks for sharing your inspiration! – Penny Lane @

  69. Alena Belleque says

    We love living in cozy spaces, though I’ll admit that with the addition of an active toddler, I sometimes wonder if more space would be easier – but then, she’d just destroy things in a bigger venue, right? ;) I’m excited to hopefully buy a home in a couple of years, and we’re hoping that God will open up just the right little place for us.

  70. ArmyWife says

    What a lovely article. I recently moved from a 2200sq ft home to a 1500. I am so much happier!! It was just too much space even for our family if five. It took forever to vacuum, forever to mop, I couldn’t fill it up enough so it never felt “homey”. I can’t decorate very well and we weren’t allowed to paint the walls, and even hanging pictures looked silly because the walls were so big! I never want a house that big again lol.

  71. Brenda Ford says

    I have to agree whole heartedly. Our family of 4 moved from a 850sqft 3rd floor apartment to a 280sqft cabin with a yard. We built it from scratch with no power (chainsaw for cutting) lol but it has been an amazing experience! It has brought us together in many ways and i wouldn’t change it for anything. W e are a single income family so i can stay at home with our kids, and this was just one thing that made it easier. :) God Bless.

  72. Amanda says

    My family of four lives in 1200 sq ft and it’s funny because I wished it were smaller for cleaning purposes. We’re constantly going through belongings to see where we can downsize and we don’t have a lot. Our friends just bought a smaller town house and they often entertain. It’s so intimate and cozy. The physical closeness seems to spur emotional closeness. Three couples and two kids packing onto the sectional (plus three dogs who cover the entire floor) to watch a movie. It’s like a true pack when there aren’t space and objects to create formalities and tension. The only place that’s meant to be expansive is the place people seem to be frequenting less and less-nature. Straying from true substance and value has unfortunately lead the vast society to materialism.

  73. xukuck says

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  74. happygirl says

    awesome…i too have a 1350 sq ft home with two kids i have two bedrooms and a small living room and family rm…..the kids have the bedrooms…but all our time is spent in the back rm where i reside and weeeee love it….i never wanted a big house just space we need . when we need alone time we just close off the doors…we have an old house so lots of heavy sound proof doors….i love small houses for all the same reasons. seem like families are closer to me than families with x-tra large 5000 sq ft homes …everybody can run and hide from each other…lol society has taught us is that your not successful unless you have a big house and big car…so happy to see i am not the only frugal person in north america…cuddos to everyone


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