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For the Not-So-Structured Mama (The Pros, Cons, and a Few Helpful Tips!)

Are you a type-B mom, not easily ruffled when things don't work out as planned because you never really had a plan in the first place? Your flexibility is a gift! But, like everyone, there is always something new to learn. Ready to grow?

You are adaptable.

When plans change, you’re okay. In fact, deep down, you realize the challenge of a new scenario is invigorating.

Plan B, Plan C, or even Plan D are fine, because unlike your more structured friends, you never wrote down what Plan A was in the first place!

This, my friend, is a strength. One for which you need to be grateful! God made you this way, and the world is a better place because of you.

As you may have guessed, I’m right there with you (overflowing with humility, of course).

No, I’m no fan of unnecessary pain or stress, but thanks to my adaptable nature, I can roll with a lot of stuff that causes some of my friends major breakdowns.

And on the flip side, I have to admit, there are some added stresses in my life because of my lack of organization.

Are you with me? What can you and I learn as not-so-structured mamas? Here are a few insights I’m gaining as I “go with the flow.”

1)   You and I can be thankful for the freedom our personality type provides us.

Some people lie awake at night, stressing over “the plan” for the next day. As a rule, you and I don’t. Life is usually an adventure for us. It’s fun to live without too many lists.

Living in the moment is a blessing!

2)   We can eventually get stressed by our lack of organization.

Since we live in the moment, we forget about planning ahead. Our unintentional (okay, occasionally intentional) procrastination sometimes has painful consequences. Then our style is really cramped!

We need to be adults and look just a little further than this very moment!

 3)   We need to know our values and become disciplined enough to live by them.

Though it’s not always easy, we need to take some time to evaluate our time management. Often we’ll find that our um, “lack of structure” is stealing something precious from us. Like quality time with our family, or the extra bit of effort it would take to finish a degree or a project.

We need to decide what’s really important and follow through with hard work and a little (gulp) planning to make it happen.

4)   Just like every other type of Mama, you and I need to “walk humbly with our God.”

We need to realize that God gifted us with some great traits. Let’s humbly thank Him for helping us be adaptable women. And then, let’s be humble enough to seek His help to get past our dislike of organizational effort. We need a little help and wisdom, let’s admit it!

Let’s be willing to stretch and grow. And let’s remember that His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

You’re doing a great job, friend. Enjoy the moment. And be ready for the lessons God has for you today and tomorrow!

*And if you want additional guidance from a not-so-structured sister, drop me a note to ask me how life coaching might help you find some balance!




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